Goodwill Wooden Canister Repurposed As Fall Pumpkin/Jack-o-Lantern

September 16, 2021

Photo of a wooden canister
This wooden canister was a summer Goodwill find.

Photo of a plain wooden canister.
I transformed it into easy, fun fall decor!

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Photo of the inside of a wooden canister
I think it was a canister. This is the inside.  It may have had a liner that rested on the those shims.

After cleaning the canister with hot soapy Dawn Dish Soap water and a rag, I gave it a very light sanding with 220 grit sandpaper.  I brushed on a couple of coats of Decoart Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Heritage.

Photo of the inside canister lid
The inside cover had a rubber gasket to hold the lid in place. 

One of my tree limb "pumpkin" stems was screwed into the cover.  My stems were cut on the chop saw.

Photo of a wooden canister painted orange
After distressing the orange paint a bit with 220 grit sandpaper, I brushed on a coat of General Finishes Flat Out Flat Topcoat

Photo of a green silk leaf
I cut this leaf off of some silk fall foliage that I had on hand. (I think these leaves look like pumpkin leaves)

Photo of a green silk leaf with stem wrapped in jute
I wrapped the plastic stem with jute, knotting it on the ends.

Photo of a tree branch pumpkin stem with silk leaf and raffia
I wrapped the jute end in with some raffia that I tied onto the pumpkin stem.

Photo of a wooden canister repurposed as a fall pumpkin
Here is my finished pumpkin.  Only the front side has the grooves, but it sure resembles a pumpkin!

Photo of a Folkart Holiday Stencil Pack
Before the sealing the paint with the flat topcoat, I pulled out my well used FolkArt Holiday Value Stencil Pack.

Photo of a jack-o-lantern face stencil
I pounced the Jack-o-lantern face onto the back of the pumpkin using Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash.

Photo of a wooden canister repurposed as a Halloween Jack-o-lantern
Here is the back side of my fall pumpkin.  I'm ready for Halloween with this dual use project. 

Photo of a wooden canister repurposed as a fall pumpkin
Back to the fall pumpkin.

Photo of a wooden canister repurposed as a fall pumpkin
Here is my pumpkin surrounded by my fall leaf chair project and crate pumpkin repurpose.

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