Junk Garden Before & After Photos (Planting Time & July 2nd)

July 02, 2021


Photo of a window frame planter with verbena.
Today I'm sharing some progress in the junk/flower garden from planting time and on July 2nd.

This old window frame has an attached galvanized window box with a Lanai Red Verbena.

Photo of a window frame planter of verbena & junk decor.
The verbena is in full bloom and has really filled out, filling up the old junky table top.

Photo of a grain scoop with verbena and geraniums.
Here is the old rusty grain scoop that I found at a garage sale this spring and stenciled, before adding a pot of verbena and a red zonal geranium.  

Photo of a rusty grain scoop with verbena and geraniums.
On July 2nd, the plants are spilling out of the scoop and onto the rocks.

Photo of an orange diascia hanging on an industrial dolly.
At planting time, my orange diascia were pretty tiny in the small galvanized buckets.  I hung them with flower pot holders from my industrial dolly.

Photo of diascias in pails hanging on an industrial dolly.
Today they are so pretty!

Photo of a galvanized pot wreath with begonias.
This galvanized pot wreath is planted with a six pack of pink wax begonias.

Photo of a galvanized wreath planted with begonias on a rusty gate.
Here they are today with many more leaves and blossoms too!

Photo of small lofos vines just planted.
I planted two Lofos vines in this fluted pail.  Not one blossom on planting day.

Photo of lofos vines blooming in wine red.
Now they are blooming and filling up the obelisk.  This is my first time trying this climbing annual vine.

Photo of newly planted calendulas.
Here are three of my orange calendula planted in my front yard border.

Photo of calendulas growing in the garden
I am happy to report that the calendulas are filling in and blooming too.

They are so lovely!

Photo of a funnel of impatiens & sweet potato vines.
These double red impatiens planted with the sweet potato vine plants (mostly eaten by deer) at planting time.
This funnel fits so well in the top of this milk can as a flowerpot.
Photo of red impatiens & sweet potato vines planted in a funnel in a milk can.
The impatiens are in bloom and beautiful!

Photo of impatiens planted in a funnel
A funnel on a broomstick planted with rose colored impatiens at planting time.

Photo of rose colored impatiens planted in a funnel.
On July 2nd, the impatiens are in full bloom!

Photo of a laundry tub of pansies & an ivy geranium basket.
This washtub with a ivy geranium basket from Menards and pansies at planting.

Photo of pansies & an ivy geranium basket.
Both the ivy geranium and pansies are blooming and growing nicely.

Photo of a small flower bed with marigolds & a tub on a pedestal with calibrachoa, salvia, sweet potato vines and supertunia.
This laundry tub of salvia, calibrachoa, and sweet potato vine sits above a bed of African marigold bedding plants.

Photo of a small flower bed with marigolds & a tub on a pedestal with calibrachoa, salvia, sweet potato vines and supertunia.
Just look how full the tub is now, and how the marigolds are filling in the bed. 

Photo of a small flower bed with marigolds & a tub on a pedestal with calibrachoa, salvia, sweet potato vines and supertunia.
I added a few mini vista violet star supertunias to this planter for additional purple color.

Photo of laundry tubs with Mexican Feather Grass & nicotiana.
The wheelbarrow usually has some nicotiana plants, and this year is no exception.  Mexican feather grasses are planted in the center of the nicotiana.

Photo of a wheelbarrow with nicotiana & Mexican Feather Grass.
My lawn is so very dry. We are in the midst of a drought.

But my plants are blooming and growing thanks to daily watering with weak Miracle Gro.

Thanks for visiting!  Happy 4th Everybody!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. always great to see your before and after garden! you do such a nice job and so willing so share names of flowers. i just recommended you to someone who has a FB page !

  2. Carlene,
    Did you wire the galvanized pots with the pink begonias to a frame or the gate? How are you getting them to stay in a circle/wreath form? That looks gorgeous! I love the flower bed with the tub on top of the post, underplanted with such colorful floweres. Just beautiful. I enjoy yor gardening photos very much. (Email me at bwarner50@hotmail.com) Thanks.

    1. Thanks so much! I emailed you about your wreath question!

  3. Love all your beautiful flowers and planters! How did you attach the tub to the post?

    1. The post is a restaurant table with an iron bottom on the pedestal. We removed the table, added a square board to the pedestal top and screwed the tub to the wood. Thank you!


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