My Garden Stepladder Featured in HGTV Magazine

May 28, 2021

Photo of the cover of HGTV June 2021 Magazine
Today I'm sharing my very first feature in HGTV magazine!

See my feature and the story behind it.

Photo of my garden ladder feature in HGTV magazine
This old ladder is has been a fixture in my front yard flower border for over 20 years. 

Photo of a flower border with short annuals
This photo is my front yard border's first season.

All annuals, and no vertical height at all.

Photo of a stepladder in the the garden
Besides planting a back row of tall perennials, placing  this garage sale stepladder in the border instantly added vertical interest.

Photo of a junk garden stepladder
People ask me all the time, do the pots ever blow or fall off the ladder?  No.

The top of the ladder and two of the rungs have large machine screws or bolts through the bottoms of the rungs that a corresponding hole in the pot slips over.  The pots NEVER slip or blow off.  

We also dig the four legs a bit into the dirt. The weight of the pots also help ground the ladder in place.

Photo of a junk garden stepladder
Plants that look great on the ladder include White Knight Alyssum (on top) and Calibrachoa.

Photo of a junk garden stepladder
This season I used a spiky Angelonia plant on the bottom rung.

Terracotta pots also work on the ladder, but dry out much more quickly than my pots and pans.

Photo of a junk garden stepladder
 Here is a Mercadona Golden Dust on the ladder shelf in an old lunch bucket.

Photo of a junk garden stepladder
Another great ladder annual choice is a Diamond Frost Euphorbia.

Photo of a junk garden border with stepladder
As the other garden plants fill in around it, the ladder fits in nicely.

Photo of front yard junk garden border with a stepladder
The border in full summer bloom.

Photo of a junk garden stepladder in the border
Freestanding signs and funnels on broom sticks,  also add vertical interest to the flower garden.

Photo of a junk garden ladder in the border
I love my weathered stepladder.  To preserve it's life, I treat it with Thompson's Water Seal.

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  1. ohmygosh, Carlene, your garden is totally amazing! Congrats on the feature, it's definitely "worthy"!!! I'm loving all the variety and color in the flowers. I really want to have a dedicated flower garden, but it may need to wait till next year. Have a great weekend!

  2. How wonderful for you to be featured, and what a lovely garden!

  3. Beautiful, Carlene. Congratulations on s national spotlight!


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