Hobby Lobby Galvanized French Upcycles with Decor Transfers

March 29, 2021


Photo of galvanized metal container

I love to shop the 40% off galvanized items in Hobby Lobby's Spring Sale.

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Photo of inside of galvanized container
First, I brushed two coats of Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint in Linen White  onto four wood ball knobs from Hobby Lobby.

The ball knobs were applied as feet on the bottom of the galvanized container.

Photo of white ball wood knob feet added to galvanized container
This is the view from the bottom.

Photo of galvanized container with white round feet

Photo of a decor transfer graphic sheet
I then pulled out this decor transfer to find graphics and words that would work on my container.

This graphics are in white on these.  I could have used black transfers as well on galvanized.

Photo of decor transfers being cut to fit galvanized container
So then it was just a matter of finding sections of the transfer that would work on the front and back, and the sides.

I was super careful after removing the back white paper.  The transfers stick down fast and hard with metals or glass. 

More details on applying transfers can be found HERE.

Photo of galvanized container with white decor transfers
Here is one end.

Photo of decor transfers applied to galvanized container
Here's the front.

I sprayed the transfers and feet with Easy Peasy Spray Wax to seal them.

Photo upcycled galvanized container with fern & books
I added a couple of old books and my rabbit foot fern to the container.  

This container may hold a container vignette on the covered patio this summer!
Photo of small galvanized tote

I also purchased this small galvanized caddy/tote at Hobby Lobby.

Photo of two upcycled galvanized containers with greenery
I added a white decor transfer to the front of the tote as well, and placed one on a brown paper tag that I tied on the wooden handle.

Photo of upcycled galvanized containers with greenery
I like the way they turned out!

Photo of small galvanized pot with faux plant
This plain galvanized flower pot was purchased at Walmart in the craft section for $1.67. 

I added a decor transfer to the front side.

Photo of upcycled galvanized containers with spring florals
I also staged my upcycled galvanized pieces with spring decor.

I have used this decor transfer on several projects and still have more graphics left for still more projects!

Photo of galvanized containers with faux spring florals
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