Upcycled Tray Tables With Black And White Stripes

February 22, 2020
I purchased these two wooden folding trays at a garage sale for $1.50 each.  When I was growing up, we called these TV trays, however, most TV trays were metal.

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 I sanded the tables to rough up the finish, and then brushed on two coats of Dixie Belle Paint Finish Paint in Caviar. 

It appears that I forgot to take any photos of this step.

AND, it appears that I don't have photos of the table top taping with FROGTAPE Multi-Surface Painter's Tape with PAINTBLOCK, Medium Adhesion, in 1.88" Width.

I placed one strip of tape down the center of the table top, and measured with a ruler over 1 3/4".  I added another strip of tape and continued over to both edges.  ( I ended up re-taping a couple of strips to get them perfectly straight.)

Frog Tape keeps the paint from bleeding!

Upcycled Tray Tables With Black And White Stripes #upcycle #garagesalefinds #dixiebellepaint #stripes #frogtape
I painted the stripes with Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in Fluff.

I was very happy with the look.

While trying to fold up the tables, I noticed one was missing two screws on the bottom and was loose.  My husband glued the wood strip, added two bigger screws, and clamped the table overnight.

Unfortunately, the table still didn't fold correctly, and when forced, the paint kept scraping off.

I made the decision to make both of the tables stationary, rather than try to sell them with the caveat "that they were difficult to open and close".  AND, that the paint on the bottom might scrape off.

As you can see, a small piece of wood was added to the other side of the dowel and screwed in.

Then I touched up the bottoms of the tray tables with black paint.

I sealed the tops of the tray tables with Dixie Belle Gator Hide. 

Gator Hide is both tough and water repellent.  I used Dixie Belle Satin Clear Coat on the legs.  Clear Coat is water resistant.

Upcycled Tray Tables With Black And White Stripes #upcycle #garagesalefinds #dixiebellepaint #stripes #frogtape
I am hoping to sell them as stationary tray tables!

Upcycled Tray Tables With Black And White Stripes #upcycle #garagesalefinds #dixiebellepaint #stripes #frogtape
It's possible that the trays were a bit warped when I bought them.

Upcycled Tray Tables With Black And White Stripes #upcycle #garagesalefinds #dixiebellepaint #stripes #frogtape
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