Semi-Homemade Christmas Tree Truck Ornaments

October 18, 2019
 I live in a small town.  Our Kmart is closing in December.  No Target and no Walmart.  No Hobby Lobby, Joann Fabrics or Michael's either.  All major chain stores are at least 100 miles away.

I have been trying to shop at our local Dollar Tree or Dollar General more often.  We have a Family Dollar too but so far I haven't found anything there.

The truck Christmas tree ornaments are from Dollar General.  There are kinda cute for $1.

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I like to take the easy and cheap route when holiday decorating.  

I like to change up my holiday decor every few years, which necessitates cheap ornaments.  So I makeover dated ornaments from thrift shops, repurpose junk items as ornaments, or give cheap ornaments a "semi-homemade" look.

For these semi-homemade ornaments, I used Tim Holtz Christmas Remnant Rubs,

Two Dress It Up Shaped Novelty Christmas Sparkle Flakes Buttons, (along with three vintage metal buttons from my stash,)
AND, Darice .375 Red Jingle Bells.  (I found these at our local independent hobby and craft shop.)

Semi-Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments #pickuptruck #Dollargeneral #semihomemadeornaments #Christmasornaments #upcycle #Christmasdecor
"Let it snow" is from the Tim Holtz remnant rubs.  Cut out the words, center them on the truck, and use the enclosed wooden stick to rub the transfer onto the truck fender.

A vintage metal button from my stash (door handle) was hot glued onto the door, and a snowflake button was hot glued to the tip of the tree in the truck box.

Semi-Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments #pickuptruck #Dollargeneral #semihomemadeornaments #Christmasornaments #upcycle #Christmasdecor
This pick up truck ornament has a different snowflake button, a Christmas tree remnant rub, and another metal button door handle.

Semi-Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments #pickuptruck #Dollargeneral #semihomemadeornaments #Christmasornaments #upcycle #Christmasdecor
The third truck has a "25" remnant rub, and a metal button door handle and a red bell hot glued onto the tip of the tree.

Dollar General has red pick up trucks too.  I didn't like them because they had a lot of red glitter on them.  I don't do much glitter.  Dollar TREE totally overdoes glitter on its Christmas ornaments.  Glitter must be cheap!

Semi-Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments #pickuptruck #Dollargeneral #semihomemadeornaments #Christmasornaments #upcycle #Christmasdecor
I will be sharing more Dollar General semi-homemade ornaments, and some thrift shop upcycled and repurposed ornaments as well in the next two months.

These semi-homemade ornaments may have used another 50 cents worth of craft supplies.  I still have a lot left! 

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  1. I Love how they turned out. I bought the same ones. I peeled the cardboard off & painted them red. I just need to dress them up yet.

    1. that was my thought - red trucks! they are so popular with the fir trees in the truck beds!

  2. Those are really cute, Carlene. I know someone I have to make one for. He used to have an old red pickup so I know he'd like this ornament. Thanks for the idea. I also think it is such a good idea to make over thrifty ornaments. And fun, right?

  3. What a fantastic find! The trucks are adorable! You just made them better.

  4. Oh my goodness these are adorable! I wish I could find these at my local Dollar General!

  5. We don't have a Dollar General near us but I sure wish we did! I LOVE these!!


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