July Flower Gardening and Garage Sale Updates

July 23, 2019
 Hi everyone!  Here are a few of my latest garage sale finds, along with some flower garden updates.

I found this Edgmar ceramic milk bottle for $1.  I think it's really fun!

 I picked up this little wooden tote for $1.

 $9 purchased all of these wood slices with bark.  Never used.

 This vintage stool was $10 at a garage sale.

I will be upcycling it!

 Three vintage hard plastic suitcases for $10.  

Very clean inside.  I will be painting and stenciling these.

A vintage enamelware coffeepot for $1.

Can you believe it!  A buck.

 Now for the garden updates.  

This garden season has been a bit trying.  It started out with a just a few rodent (rabbit, red squirrel or ?) holes in my black rubber edging.  The holes continued over several days until almost all of the edging had holes 4-5 inches.  

We are still deciding what to do.  Replace with similar edging or try something else.

(When you click on the bold Amazon, Old Sign Stencils or Dixie Belle Paint Company affiliate links you will be taken to the products I use for this project. If you order it does not change the price or service at all. As an Amazon Affiliate, Old Sign Stencils Affiliate or Dixie Belle Paint Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.)

 I live in town, but across the street from the river and riverbank that has some critters.  This year the deer have been more persistent than usual.

They started with the lily buds, almost before I had all my bedding plants in the ground.  I used my go to remedy, Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent. Even trying Deer Stopper Spray too. 

Between forgetting to spray, or lots of early summer rains, the deer managed to get almost all of the lily buds this year.

Lilies can't recover and bloom this season, not until next year.  Which is a bummer, because they are gorgeous.

Next the deer seemed to hit on flowers close to the bird bath, even though they were being sprayed.

Both gorgeous Reiger Begonias in the ends of this planter were chewed off, but they didn't really like the Angel Wing Begonias.

Almost all of the red blossoms on this impatiens plant have been chewed off.

This planter on my deck railing was filled with succulents and alyssum.  

They tried the succulents but spit them out on the ground, and also pulled out some of the alyssum plants.

I added more hen and chick plants to fill in the bare areas of the planter.

The deer being thwarted by all the sprays, decided to venture almost up to my front door and nibbled on petunias in this tub.

Now I spray everywhere, and hope for the best. 

Here they helped themselves to pansies on the deck railing,

And to pansies ON the deck too. 

Yesterday, I found these wax begonias gone.

Today, I noticed the hosta blossoms had been eaten!  YAY, I don't care about the hosta blossoms!

I won't cut the ugly blooms off this year and leave them as a deer decoy plant.

The slugs have been feeding on my Marguerite daisy petals, and morning glory leaves, 

Along with White and Blue Campanula blossoms.

I have used Garden Safe Slug & Snail Bait  a few times this season, maybe not often enough.  I used to use jar lids with beer.  It definitely worked but it was a pain to keep them full, especially with rain. 

And lastly, what is postponing my annual junk garden tour?

The tall perennials are just starting to bloom.  Everything is a little late this season due to a cold spring.

Stay tuned!  Thanks for visiting!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I've heard deer can be terrible. Feel lucky i don't have to deal with them.

  2. Welcome to MY world here in the woods in the NC mountains. I have some success with spraying Deer Stopper or Repels All to deter the deer but the groundhog family that lives in my herb/rock garden obviously has no sense of smell. I have tried the beer bait for slugs with no success. Diatomaceous earth may work if I kept at it but it is an ugly mess in the flower beds and then it rains. It's a wonder that gardeners don't give up but we are a hardy bunch!

  3. My old house was in the woods and in the winter, the deer would sleep in our yard so you can imagine what happened when the flowers began to grow. I never got a tulip, phlox or hydrangia in all the years we lived there. It was a beautiful spot, but the deer were relentless. We used to keep feeders out all year, but the black bears started to get into them as the years went by and they became bolder. I miss the wildlife but it is so hard on a gardener to live in harmony. You have my sympathy!


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