Upcycled Dollar General Mason Jar Shaped Sign

March 21, 2019
 I was in our local Dollar General the other day.

I like to peek at their decor items.  Sometimes they can be upcycled to look more "high end", like this jar shaped sign.  It was priced at $1, so even if an upcycle didn't work out, I wasn't out much cash.

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 First I removed the metal jar "lid" that was attached with small eyeglass sized screws.

I put the very shiny "zinc" lid in a baggie with about three tablespoons of white vinegar.  I left it in the vinegar for about 3 hours to remove some of the shininess.

Next I brushed on a coat of Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex in Flat Black.  The sign was made out of a hardboard with a "sign decal" on top.   I didn't think the decal would come off that easy, so I painted over it.

I added two coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in Hurricane Gray on top of the black.

I then sanded/distressed the edges with 220 grit sandpaper, and sanded the center areas a bit as well.

I pulled out my Hobby Lobby Fern Stencil and taped it in place.  Because the stencil was a little big only part of the stencil was pounced onto the jar.  I used just the top portion of the stencil on the left side.

I didn't have a chalkboard tag, so I just brushed black acrylic craft paint on my manila paper tag, and stenciled it with light ivory acrylic paint and a FolkArt Garden Mini Stencils.

Upcycled Dollar General Mason Jar Shaped Sign #stencil #upcycle #fern
I screwed my less shiny, vinegar soaked, "zinc" jar lid back onto my jar.

Upcycled Dollar General Mason Jar Shaped Sign #stencil #upcycle #fern
I tied my chalkboard tag on with jute twine.

Upcycled Dollar General Mason Jar Shaped Sign #stencil #upcycle #fern
It's fun to challenge myself with projects like this.

Upcycled Dollar General Mason Jar Shaped Sign #stencil #upcycle #fern

Upcycled Thrift Shop Decor #imagetransfer #graphicsfairy #frenchcountry #upcycle

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  1. Nice upgrade. Yours is much better than the original.

  2. That turned out really cute! Looks so much better now!


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