Vintage Items I Brought Home This Week From Mom's

August 05, 2018
My mom is in her new apartment at assisted living, but I am still busy cleaning out her old apartment.  Luckily I retired July 1st!

My mom has a lot of stuff!  She has loved to shop at thrift shops and rummage sales her whole life.  (a few auctions too)  She has downsized once already going from her house to an apartment.

Anyway, I am sorting things to sell, keep and throw away.  This crock with a wooden spigot is one of the items I am going to keep. 
I don't know a lot about this piece.  My mom displayed it above her kitchen cabinets.

It's three pieces with a cover, an inside bowl and a crock bottom with a spigot.  Maybe the bowl was for ice to keep the drinks cold?

I didn't find another crock exactly like this online with the D and inside bowl.  Not sure of the value.

 This metal Bromwell flour sifter still has it's original tag. 

I like flour sifters and the orange-red color is fun.  Old sifters are not a rare item.  But red or orange are not real common.

I love these old green depression glass jars.  I think this jar was originally my grandma's.  I have one too but the cover is very rusty.

These jars sell for about $40 on ebay.

This old phone was one of my grandpa's finds.  It is a Western Electric Candlestick phone.  My grandparents rarely used it, but it was hooked up for use, and worked.

This phone is a 1973 model.  These phones are generally in the $40-$50 range unless in mint condition.

This is a little tea set from Akro Agate.  My mom played with these dishes when she was a child.

After the tea parties, the dishes were stored away in the original box.

I won't be selling these dishes due to sentimental value!

I actually have a lot of English bone china teacups and saucers, and I really like bone china with pink roses. I am not sure of the pattern name or value. 

This teapot from Royal Chelsea is gorgeous!  I may pack it away for now.

Any antique with a glass ball, claw foot like this has to be cool!

The glass ball claw feet are on an antique piano stool.  I see these selling on the internet for $60-$150 for the most part.  Some quite a bit higher.

It's in pretty decent shape.  I will be putting the stool in my living room.

I am finding a few items to upcycle/repurpose as well, but I can't wait to be done with the apartment!

My daughter was helping me today, and she hopes I downsize myself and not leave this to her!  Ha Ha!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Very cool things Carlene! Love the table with the claw feet! I know taking care of your mom's old place is tedious and a lot of work. I hope finding these treasures made it fun. I also hope your mom is enjoying her new place.
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  2. Congrats on your early retirement! Lucky! My kids are hoping I will downsize my collection of "junk" too.

  3. Those are wonderful things. That tea set! She took such care of it. thanks

  4. Love the green jar and the tea set!

  5. Born and raised and still live in Michigan City, IN where the Bromwell factory was that produced your sifter. Very cool to see one on that color! We also apparently had the Perfection Cooler company, so I am on a mission to find a stoneware piece from them.

  6. Lots of goodies, Carlene! I especially love the crock and tea set! Congratulations on your retirement!

  7. WELL...I’ve been in Vintage heaven all morning! Wow your mom has some beautiful things! Love that piano stool and the crocks and that teapot...omg!! Crocks are worth a lot of money. My neighbors had a crock as big as a barrel...they were told 10;000.00 was it’s worth. The tea pot you can bet is worth a couple hundred..check that out on if you can’t find it there they will give you a value on it. Also on any of your China you don’t know the value on.
    Out of all the blogs I subscribe to, yours is the one I wait for every week! I just love what you do and who you are!


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