Stenciled Vintage Suitcase Project

 I purchased this vintage Samsonite suitcase at a garage sale recently.

First, I washed the faux leather suitcase down with warm soapy water.  

I used a little Soft Scrub to get the scuff marks and grime off of the light colored plastic.  

I chose "Flea" from the *Old Sign Stencils Market Extensions collection, and "Farmer's Market" stencils for the suitcase project.

I taped them on with blue painters tape, stenciling flea first then removing the stencil and pouncing on market.  (use a ruler for best results in centering a stencil)

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Bedford to stencil the lettering.  Bedford is a mid-range neutral grey with a strong yellow tone.  I didn't seal the stenciling.

I will be using the suitcase indoors, and Fusion should be quite durable once cured.

I used a  Plaid Simply Stencils - Star Stencil to add my two stars.

I like stenciling on my garage sale, thrift shop and/or flea market finds.  

Stencils add personality and fun to your finds!  It's like adding a sign to your decor.

Check out #oldsignstencils on Facebook for more project ideas!
*Old Sign Stencils provided me with complimentary samples.
All opinions about these fabulous products are my own.

Other Farmer's Market/Market Extension projects of mine include this junk garden piece,

Happy Stenciling!

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  1. So fun Carlene! You really have the stenciling down!
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  2. I am SO smitten with this. This project rivals a real life sign. It's execution is PERFECT for the real thing!

    Thank you Carlene, for continuing to be a virtual genius with your unique ideas! You ALWAYS surprise me.

    I'm featuring this project in this weekend's upcoming DIY Salvaged Junk Projects. Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. You scored TWICE with this little suitcase: when you purchased it and when you made it over. LOVE it!


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