August Thrifting & Garage Sale Finds

 I really have no business dragging more stuff home this week.  

I am still very busy cleaning out my mom's apartment.  I have until the end of August, but it is making me anxious.  I have at least 4 pieces of mom's furniture that I plan to makeover.  (More on that later)

When I saw a moving sale in the local newspaper for my collecting/church friends, I had to attend.

I remember these cement pumpkins on sale on a local FB group two years ago.  They were $25.  This one is a little faded out but only $1.  With fall right around the corner, I bought it!  I couldn't make one for $1.

Galvanized laundry tubs $1 each.

The tubs had been used as flower planters so they have holes in the bottom, but they are still a good deal!

A vintage navy blue Samsonite suitcase.  

$1 at a garage sale.

Two white wooden shutters or wooden swing doors.  Never used, still in the plastic.

Great for projects!

A primitive country wooden house.  The windows have hardware cloth, and the back has a small nightlight bulb.  $5.

This will get a makeover!  

Iron kitchen utensils with its iron hanger.  $1.

I may paint these.

A $3 old crate with paint spatter.

I have already started up-cycling this crate.  Post coming soon!

A crafted spindle dragonfly.  $4.

Fun for the garden!

A homemade sign from a spindle.  $1.

I can repaint and change the sign!

I have had some of these iron people holding flowerpots in my gardens before.  

But never a chef!  $5.  Fun!

Copper kettle jack o'lantern!  $4.

Perfect timing for fall/Halloween decor.  Very cute with a candle or lights inside!

Small Bloom sign 25 cents.  I can use it somewhere outside.

Life is Snow Good metal sign.  Will repaint and re-stencil. $1.

Hanging black wall shelf.  Probably a makeover! 50 cents.

Antique Dough Trough $15.

It's just a cool crate/box.  I will use it for display somewhere!

Wooden tray from the Philippines.  $4.

I think I'll paint it!

Iron tree planter.  $3.

Garden junk decor!

Do I go garage sale-ing again tomorrow?

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  1. Great finds, Carlene! Love that faded cement pumpkin...perfect!

  2. Very cool stuff - we seldom have items like that around here especially at those prices. I made two pumpkins last year and you are right, you sure can't make them for $1!

  3. You and I could never shop together. 8^)
    I love everything you found. thanks

  4. WOW- good stuff! That dragonfly is cute - what are it's wings made of?


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