Upcycled Rustic Bookshelf with Rough Sawn Fence Board Back

July 17, 2018

Very, very, very infrequently do I see free curbside junk in our small town, but I saw this free wooden book shelf across the street at our neighbor's house a couple months ago.

I walked across the street, and took the bookshelf home.

I started painting the bookshelf with Dutch Boy Chalky Finish Paint in true black.   (paint I had on hand)

When I was half done painting the first coat, I chatted with my husband about putting a back on the bookshelf.  

I had some rough sawn 1" x 6" x 6' fence boards on hand.  

His idea was to add a 2" x 2"'s to the bottom of each shelf and then add the fence boards to the back.

The only draw back to this plan was screw holes in the tops of the shelves that needed to be filled with putty or spackle before painting.  Well okay!  The bookshelf is going to be rustic, right?

The 2" x 2"'s were painted black, but the rough sawn fence boards were transformed into gray weathered wood with Rust-Oleum Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator.

Have you tried the weathered wood accelerator?  I like this product, especially on the fence boards.

2" x 2"s added, book shelf all painted with two coats.  Now to attach the bookshelf back boards.

Front view of painted 2" x 2" at the top.

Back view of the fence boards attached to the 2" x 2"s.

Curbside Bookshelf Upcycled with Paint & Fence Boards
I sealed the Dutch Boy Chalky Finish paint with two coats of Varathane Crystal Clear Water-Based Poly in Satin Finish.  I did not seal the rough sawn boards.

Curbside Bookshelf Upcycled with Paint & Fence Boards
I love the weathered wood accelerator fence boards with the black paint!

Curbside Bookshelf Upcycled with Paint & Fence Boards
The shelf is so much better with a back!  It's great for books or decor items or BOTH!

Curbside Bookshelf Upcycled with Paint & Fence Boards
What do you think?  Better with the fence board back?

Curbside Bookshelf Upcycled with Paint & Fence Boards
Thanks for stopping by!

Curbside Bookshelf Upcycled with Paint & Fence Boards

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  1. Very nice! Never would have thought to do that with that types of a shelf. Love the contrast of the black and boards very much!

  2. Really cute! Love the fence board backing!

  3. I love the wood back, it makes it look more substantial!! It looks wonderful. Hugs,

  4. Wonderful transformation and I love it! Just really fabulous! Read here more information of 2+2 Chest of Drawers


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