A Funnel Planter from Garage Sale Finds & Other Funnel Ideas

July 29, 2018
I've been busy moving my Mom to assisted living this past week, so I didn't get many projects done.

I did manage to get to a rummage sale, and purchased this garden trowel and funnel for $1 each.

They were laying right by each other on the garage table, and I got an idea...

I made a quick and easy junk garden succulent planter!

A hole was drilled in the spade and funnel and a screw and nut held the two together.  

The screw was sawed off with a hack saw.

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
A hole was also drilled in the handle and a coarse muslin strip was added for hanging.

Here is my easy planter with Angelina sedum.

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
I love junky planters!

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
Hen and chicks (sempervivum) would also be a good choice for this planter.

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
I love funnels in my junk gardens.

This galvanized funnel is tucked into a old cultivator.

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
The funnel is planted with a coleus.

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
I love upside down funnels in my junk garden vignettes, and of course funnel planters on broom handles pushed into the garden dirt.

This funnel is planted with impatiens and asparagus fern.

Funnel Planters in the Junk Garden
Lantana is also a great choice in funnel planters.

Here is a short video of my late July, northern Minnesota, zone 3, front border.  The summer perennials and lilies are winding down, but the Shasta daisies, globe thistles and purple coneflowers are still quite nice.  Benary zinnias are still going strong, along with Marguerite daisies, and other container garden annuals.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I adore the funnel on the trowel! Great thinking. Thank you for the inspiration and the mini-tour.
    Christina in SW fL

  2. I love this quick little craft you whipped up! I have always loved old funnels too but never thought of using them in the garden. Just too cute! I can’t get over how much you look like your mom. Do you have other siblings? She looks like she’s quite the pistol! She sure doesn’t look old enough for assisted living but I know when that time comes we do what we have to. Did she fight you on going? Was she living with you? I’m getting up there in age myself at almost 65. Things sure do change. I know I’d be much healthier if I just quit worrying about everything. I’m trying...fibromyalgia keeps me down a good deal of the time but I need to try to work on things much more to keep my mind busier. I wish we had a good BINGO place here but we don’t. I miss playing. Anyway...have a good day and hope your mom settles in quickly!

  3. Love seeing your gardens every year. How much time does it take you to water all your container plants?

  4. I had ask some things about your mom above ^^^ did you accidentally miss my post?


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