Planting My Horizontal Wooden Barrel With Calibrachoa, Bidens & Lantana

June 08, 2018

Confetti Mix Calibrachoa Hawaiian Summer
 Calibrachoa (Million Bells) are taking over the greenhouses!

I purchased two cheaper baskets at Kmart with the Confetti Garden Hawaiian Summer Mix ( Aloha Kona Dark Red, Aloha Kona Pineapple and Aloha Kona Hot Orange Calibrachoa.)

Campfire Fireburst Bidens & Bandana Red Lantanas
I also purchased two 4" containers with Campfire Fireburst Bidens, and two 4" containers with Bandana Red Lantanas.

This planter is going to to be all warm, bright colors.

Vintage English Elite Tray & Bed Spring Wreath
A few years back my sister in law, Kris, made me a bed spring wreath.  Last year I spray painted it white.  

I am displaying a vintage English Elite bird and flower tray (from the thrift shop) in the center of the wreath.

Planting a Horizontal Wooden Barrel #calibrachoa #bidens #lantana #bedsprings #wreath #vintage
The flowers already look great!

I will be featuring all my planters (and flowerbeds) during my 2018 junk garden tour next month.

Planting a Horizontal Wooden Barrel #calibrachoa #bidens #lantana #bedsprings #wreath #vintage
 The horizontal barrel is situated on one end of my deck.  That's a fancy vintage aluminum lid nailed to the front of the barrel.

Planting a Horizontal Wooden Barrel #calibrachoa #bidens #lantana #bedsprings #wreath #vintage

Do you change up your planters and gardens every year?  I try to vary mine for interest.
Kitchen Fairy Garden Planted in a Horizontal Barrel
 This is my horizontal barrel planted as a kitchen fairy garden.

Pots and pans, muffin tins, pot lids, etc.

Kitchen Fairy Garden Planted in a Horizontal Barrel
 The next year I did another kitchen fairy garden with mostly herbs.

Horizontal Wooden Barrel with Red Impatiens
 The funnels above the barrel are planted with hen and chicks (Sempervivums).

Red impatiens are billowing out of the barrel.  They are even covering up some lobelia in a crate above them.

Coffee Pot Planters and Sign with Geraniums, Bacopa, Verbena, Nemesia and Asparagus Ferns
 Red geraniums, bacopa, and asparagus ferns in the barrel with coffeepots on stakes planted with verbena, asparagus fern and white nemesia.

Horizontal Wooden Barrel Planter with Impatiens & Dichondra Vines
More impatiens in three colors and dichondra vines last year.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. WOW! Carlene, your plantings are so vibrant and wonderful. Beautiful creations my friend! Love the coffee pots on stakes too.
    ~ Christina in SW FL


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