Junk Garden Ideas 2018 Edition

June 21, 2018
I purchased this fishing sign at a church rummage sale a couple of years ago. I first tried to resell it at my booth, but it didn't sell before I closed my booth.

See how I worked this sign into my garden decor.

Cabin/Lake Themed Junk Garden Ladder Vignette
I found this old brown paddle at a garage sale too.

I drilled starter holes in the paddle handle, and added the sign to the paddle with screws.

Cabin/Lake Themed Junk Garden Ladder Vignette
Hey I think it works with my cabin themed tree house ladder vignette!

This might turn out to be my favorite junk garden vignette this year.

Which is your favorite 2018 junk garden vignette so far?
Junk Garden Vignette with Wax and Dragon Wing Begonias
The Route 66 rusty lid sign and wax begonias.  Details here.

Decorating a Small Garden with Galvanized Planters & Junk
 Planning and planting a small junk garden.  Details here.

Upcycled Garden Chair and Galvanized Flowers
 Up-cycled chair planter and galvanized flowers.  Details here.

Rustic Birdhouses and Fuchsias To Decorate the Deck
 Rustic birdhouses and fuchsias.  Details here.

Upcycled Thrift Shop Bird Cage & Annual Baby's Breath
 Up-cycled birdcage and annual baby's breath.  Details here.

A Perfect Mix for a Favorite Galvanized Tool Box
 A favorite galvanized toolbox planter and a fun annual mix.  Details here.

Planting a Wooden Horizontal Half Barrel with Annuals
 Horizontal barrel planter ideas.  Details here.

Rusty Lantern Succulent Planter
Rusty lantern succulent planter and more. Details here.

Foundation Plantings and Junk Decor
More garden ideas with junk.  Details here.

Annuals, Perennials, and Amazing Junk in the Border
 A collection of cool junk and amazing flowers.  Details here.

Decorating a Garden Shed Built from a Home Depot Kit
Changing up the garden shed decor.  Details here.

Upcycled Garage Sale Planter with Paint, Stencils & Dragon Wing Begonias
Upcycled rummage sale planter with dragon wing begonias.  Details here.

Thrifted Mug Rack Sweet Alyssum Planter
Thrifted mug rack planter idea.  Details here.

Junk Garden Ideas 2018 Edition
These photos are from planting time in May and early June.  

I hope you will join me for my annual junk garden tour in July and see the flowers at their peak!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. i love all your vignette's. Wish we could grow such beautiful gardens in Oklahoma, but it's too freaking hot to want to get out and take care of the beds. I love all your junk you find and turn into something wonderful.

  2. Happy Friday Carlene!
    The Walleye sign is adorable and so smart to mount it on the oar. :)
    Choose a favorite? Yikes... um... the wheelbarrow one and the birdhouses... and.... sigh... that is my best effort to choose a fav. They are all so wonderful. :)
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  3. I love that one too, but I think my favorite has to be the peacock settee! My garden junk is just starting to fill in here in Indiana

  4. I got some really great ideas from your site. We love old things. I got 3 barns full of stuff from my Family. Sold a lot of things. But we did keep some great old things to fix our Log Home up with. I am working on the Front yard now. We have a 3000 square foot home. And it’s very country. The most wonderful thing was 2 Wagons and in great shape so we put then both at the Entrance of our property gates. I have so many things from my Grandmother and my two Great Grandmothers. When you walk into our Home you just know it’s from a different time. We love to entertain our Family’s and Friends. The Holidays are the best. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Take Care Susie


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