Saturday Yard Sale Purchases for Up-cycling

May 07, 2018
I went to one rummage sale last Saturday, and found some very reasonably priced items to upcycle/repurpose.

This little high chair was one of them.  I can't remember if it was $2 or $5 but it was cheap.

Read on for more information.

The seat was missing on the high chair and a few screws but the detailing was just awesome.

Just look at the carving on the top back!

I haven't decided what I will do with it yet.

I also purchased these primitive country plates/platters.  

I like updating these with paint and stencils.

I just picked up the jar and scoop for display in my home.  

The scoop is marked A & J, and has a green Bakelite handle.  I am sure the jar is old but not sure of the maker.  (If you are familiar with this jar, leave me a comment with info.)

I also picked up this little primitive country style wooden bowl with potpourri.

I snatched up this little primitive country style wooden box with handle too.

All of these primitive country items can be given a whole new look with paint and stencils.

I love this little wooden cabinet.

This is the inside of the small wooden cabinet.

This wooden stool is missing some spindles but I can see a farmhouse makeover in its future.

It has been stabilized with wire!  

I think the wire adds to it's charm.

I picked up this deacon's bench for $5.

It does have some condition issues as well, but it will look great with paint and/or stencils.

This sign is made from MDF but with its unusual shape, I will paint and stencil it with new graphics and colors!

This was a metal outdoor planter box that I bought at the sale.

I will be using this for flowers this summer.

As you can see from my photos, our grass has not greened up yet, and has not been mowed yet this season.  

Aaaah life in northern Minnesota!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Great score! I have an old plain high chair I want to paint, and am looking for a wall cabinet for a granddaughter. Want to paint and stencil on some coffee lettering. In about 5 weeks I'm going in for my first of 2 knee replacement surgeries, so hope to line up some projects I can do while sitting around. Kinda like I already do, lol. Have fun with all the stuff!

    1. I actually have to have a knee replacement too. Been putting it off

  2. Great haul.

    Please don't paint the little cabinet. It is perfect.

  3. Oh, such a good pile!! Can't wait to see what you will do with all these treasures!

  4. Sweet finds Carlene! I imagine turning that MDF sign sideways and what you will do with it. So many cool pieces.
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  5. What a great haul, and so cheap!

  6. Carlene, does the bottom of the jar have a symbol on it, maybe an H with an A in the bottom half? Or a Keystone? Or a diamond with a letter in it?

    1. It does. Another reader identified the mark as a Caspar Glass Company mark.

  7. Great finds! I can totally picture that high chair in your gardens. Have fun!

  8. Fantastic Finds!! I love everything and the prices were something we sure don't see around here!


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