Kmart Lake Sign Makeover with Old Sign Stencils

April 28, 2018
 My small town has a Kmart! No Target or Walmart.  Just a Kmart.

While checking out the new patio and garden decor last week, I spotted this red "On Lake Time" sign.

It's made out of pressed board.  It was priced at $10.

I'm not really a lake girl!  I used to enjoy the lake more, but now I like to spend the day in my gardens in my yard.

I am going to makeover this sign!  READ on:

 First I based coated the sign with a coat of Rustoleum black latex paint in satin.

I like to base coat in black if I plan to wet distress the chalk paint topcoats.

I chose Chalked Paint in Chiffon Cream as my top coat.  I brushed on two coats.

Next I took a damp, cotton t-shirt rag and "wet distressed" the sign edges a lot to display a black frame around the edge.  

I also wet distressed the center areas a bit to knock down any brush marks, and to reveal some opaque areas of black paint.

I have the smaller one.

I stenciled on just the word Historic, the horizontal line and Route 66.  I wet distressed just a bit more to make the dark black lettering a little obscure too.

*Old Sign Stencils provided me with complimentary samples.
All opinions about these fabulous products are my own.

Kmart Sign Makeover with Old Sign Stencils
I sealed the sign with clear wax.  I will be using this sign indoors.

I also removed the black shiny rope hanger attached with staples on the back and drilled two holes for a jute rope hanger.

The stencil did not fit perfectly, but it is pretty close.

If I had  better woodworking skills,  I could cut one out of wood.  But this is much easier!

Kmart Sign Makeover with Old Sign Stencils
I'm so glad I wandered down patio aisle at Kmart!

Kmart Sign Makeover with Old Sign Stencils
This sign is definitely more my style!

Kmart Sign Makeover with Old Sign Stencils #route66 #stencil #oldsignstencils

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  1. Carlene, now you went and blew my mind. I was sure you would make one that said "on Garden time". :) Super great job with the sign. The edge distress is so right on. The sign was a wonderful find. :)

  2. I really like the sign. One day I'm going to get crafty again. :D My town has a Wal Mart and Target, but no Kmart. It closed 2 or 3 years ago.


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