DIY Outdoor Stenciled Garden Flags

April 09, 2018

I was wandering around in the garden area at our local Menard's today.  (Menard's is a home improvement center like Home Depot or Lowe's.)

It's really too cold to think about flower gardening.  We still have snow...

Anyway, I picked up an Enchanted Garden wrought iron outdoor flag holder.  I didn't buy a flag.  The flags are just not my style.  Too colorful and fancy for a junk garden.  

I recently purchased a plain Canvas Home Basics table runner from Walmart.  I paid $6.72 for it.  I had planned to stencil it.

Instead I cut off one end of the runner.  

I taped on this tractor stencil with blue painter's tape.  Then I stenciled the section of table runner with Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red.  Once the Fusion Mineral Paint is cured, it should be quite durable.

Now what to do with my hunk of table runner's raw edge?  Especially since I don't have a sewing machine.  

I debated my options, fusible hem tape, hot glue gun, fabric glue?

At this point I stopped in at my local craft shop and asked them for options.  Of course their first suggestion was sew a rod pocket.  Nope!  Not doing it.  

Next they suggested velcro.  It was no sew, so I bought it.

I folded my raw edge over and ironed in a crease.  The size of the fold over was a little wider than the width of the velcro to accommodate the rod.

I pressed the sticky velcro under the fold and at the top of the raw edge.  I pressed it with the iron a little.  Not sure if I was supposed to or not, but it is sticking pretty well.  

It doesn't look too bad from the back.

DIY Stenciled Canvas Outdoor Garden Flags #farmhouse #junkgarden #stenciling #canvas
My flag is shorter than the store bought flags that fit this flag holder.  

My thinking was that I wanted my flag pretty high above the flowers and/or dirt splashing to keep it clean.  I guess it's possible I could hand wash it if it became extremely soiled.

I may spray it with an acrylic type spray sealer.  That may keep it cleaner too.

For this flag, I removed the flag and ripped a piece off of the canvas runner very close to the size of the flag, allowing for it to be folded over.

I used a small piece of velcro on the mini flag too but I think you could use tacky glue or fabric glue on this too.

I pulled out my FolkArt Garden Mini Stencil Pack.  These stencils are very small.

DIY Stenciled Canvas Outdoor Garden Flags #farmhouse #junkgarden #stenciling #canvas
I stenciled the words with Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black.

Since this flag was a little flimsier and had a raveled edge, I brushed on Plaid Stiffy Fabric Stiffener.  This made the flag hang better.

This flag would work indoors in a houseplant pot.

DIY Stenciled Canvas Outdoor Garden Flags #farmhouse #junkgarden #stenciling #canvas
So here are my two flags staged on my covered patio with faux plants.  

I could barely stick the flag into the pail of dirt from my Christmas tree farm buckets.  The dirt was still frozen.

DIY Stenciled Canvas Outdoor Garden Flags #farmhouse #junkgarden #stenciling #canvas
These flags are more MY style!
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Oooo Carlene, I really like this idea. I'm thinking a whole different version of the "prayer flags" which were so popular for a while. You are positively brilliant! Love these flags. :)
    ~ Christina in SW FL

  2. Carlene...first of all what a beautiful name you have. I love your blog the more I go through it and see the different things you have done. Simple yet effective! I started many years ago with the galvanized buckets and adding flowers and hens and chicks but unfortunately I have a husband that apparently doesn’t like the look of rust and junk because I’ve fought with him for years now as he wants to throw it out. We live in a farm community now and things are going to change. Wait until he sees my metal bed frames in the! I have gotten so much “junk” for the yard that he knows nothing about yet and I am so excited to get rolling on it! Anyway..I do enjoy your blog very much and am so glad to have found you!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! My husband doesn’t agree with all my ideas either!


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