Thrift Shop Pallet Sign Repurposed as Garden Tray

March 22, 2018
I purchased this pallet wood sign at the thrift shop this week.  

It's actually pretty cute as is, but I am going to repurpose it!

I liked the gray paint on the pallet sign and luckily I had a similar gray on hand, so I just brushed on one light coat.  A little heavier on the "thankful" part to cover it.

I am going to save some time and trouble here by using this sign as a garden tray instead of building one!  I do this all the time!

If you don't run across a pallet sign at the thrift shop, you can make one with two 1/2" x  5 1/4" x 23" and two 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 10 1/2", or similar proportions.

Then the top boards are screwed on top from underneath.  

I painted the back of my tray with the gray paint too.

Stenciled Pallet Garden Tray #mandala #pallet #repurposed #gardentray #gardendecor
I added two 5 1/2" Utility Steel Pulls on each side and pounced on a 10" Mandala stencil from Home Depot with white craft paint.

I haven't sealed my garden tray yet.  I will probably just use several coats of spray sealer from Krylon.   I want it to weather a bit.

Stenciled Pallet Garden Tray #mandala #pallet #repurposed #gardentray #gardendecor
 Of course I'm in northern Minnesota so I am faking a garden tray on my covered patio today!

Stenciled Pallet Garden Tray #mandala #pallet #repurposed #gardentray #gardendecor
 But I'm sure ready to garden!

Stenciled Pallet Garden Tray #mandala #pallet #repurposed #gardentray #gardendecor
 This tray would be great unpainted and with real weathered gray pallet wood, but that's not what I found this week at the thrift shop! 

Stenciled Pallet Garden Tray #mandala #pallet #repurposed #gardentray #gardendecor

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