A Garden Junk Pillow Cover Graphic Image

March 30, 2018

Garden Junk Iron On Transfer Pillow Cover Graphic Image
I actually designed a graphic image, (and I'm not that computer savvy).

See what I did with my new graphic design!

 I used the Graphics Fairy free project graphics like this milk can,

If you are familiar with my junk gardens, you know, that all of these items are in and among my flower gardens. (along with lots of other junk...)

I used these free vintage images (not subject to copyright) compliments of the Graphics Fairy.  Be sure and check out her site if you haven't already.  You will be inspired.

 I also used Picmonkey, a photo editing program.  I have a subscription to Picmonkey.  If you wish to try it out, they offer a free trial.

It has taken me a while to master Picmonkey, and master is really taking too much credit.  I am still learning!

Anyway, I made a graphic that fits an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of iron on transfer paper, and I have this 18" x 18" canvas pillow cover from Hobby Lobby.  (Get them when they are on sale if you can.)

Garden Junk Iron On Transfer Pillow Cover Graphic Image
Please read the directions included with the transfers.  This is the reverse image I used for my pillow.  I printed this image on the transfer paper.  I printed it using a full page, shrunk to fit setting, onto the 8 1/2" x 11" transfer paper.  Be sure to print on the non-stripe side.

I used a piece of unfinished bead board paneling on my kitchen table with a pillowcase on top of that.  I set my iron on cotton.  After centering my transfer paper face down on the pillow cover, I pressed down quite hard and kept the iron moving on the paper for a couple of minutes.  I then pulled up the corner just a tad to see if the edge line was transferred.  If not, I continued to iron.

I let it cool for about a minute and then pulled off the paper.  

To be honest, I tried my design without the line around it and cut close to the design with scissors but didn't like the look.  The transfer leaves somewhat of line around letters and a little shine too.  I found that the black framing of my design really helped disguise the line and shine too.

Garden Junk Iron On Transfer Pillow Cover Graphic Image
 I had an old sofa pillow that I covered with my newly decorated Hobby Lobby canvas pillow cover.

Garden Junk Iron On Transfer Pillow Cover Graphic Image
 If you have never ever done an iron on transfer, I would suggest that you practice on a rag instead of ruining a pillow cover until you get the hang of it.

Garden Junk Iron On Transfer Pillow Cover Graphic Image
Most standard size sofa pillows are 18" x 18".  If you decorate 18" x 18" pillow covers, you can change out your every day decor by covering your sofa pillows with seasonal DIY pillow covers.

Garden Junk Iron On Transfer Pillow Cover Graphic Image #gardenjunk #junkgarden
No storing scads of pillows, just pillow covers!

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Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love, Love, Love this! I say you did an awesome job. Thank you for sharing the details on how to make these!



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