Thrift Shop Candleholder & Game Board Repurposed As A Plant Stand

 Here's an easy project that started with this wooden candlestick and this game board from the thrift shop.

The board wasn't really a game board, but a decorative replica of a game board.  

It was made by Tender Heart Treasures.  Do you remember Tender Heart Treasures?  It was a great place for country decor back in the day.  I think it's out of business now.

 Well see how easy this project is?  I just screwed the game board into the candlestick.  

Pre-drill the game board and a starter hole in the indentation on top of the candlestick.  Find a wood screw that will go through the board, and the candlestick hole and screw into the candlestick.

 The screw head is visible in the center of the game board.

Next I brushed on a coat of Bulls Eye Clear Shellac.  This will prevent any bleed through of paint or stain with my white paint.

Next I painted the project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  

(When I use ASCP in Old White I usually am planning to keep the piece and work it into my decor!)

I gave the piece a light sanding with 150 grit sandpaper.

I have cut the stencil apart to use it on many projects.

I taped the center part of the stencil to the center of the game board.

I stenciled the mandala and the corner stencils with Ceramcoat Craft Paint in Black.

Thrifted Game Board & Candlestick Plant Stand #repurpose #thriftshopmakeover #stencil #mandala #anniesloan
I sealed the stencils and my chalk paint with Varathane Crystal Clear Water-Based Polyurethane in Satin Finish.

I used a sponge brush.

Thrifted Game Board & Candlestick Plant Stand #repurpose #thriftshopmakeover #stencil #mandala #anniesloan
I think this little stand is perfect for faux or real houseplants and bouquets!

Thrifted Game Board & Candlestick Plant Stand #repurpose #thriftshopmakeover #stencil #mandala #anniesloan
Anytime your home decor or even your flower gardens have vertical interest, your vignette is so much more pleasing than having everything on one level.

Thrifted Game Board & Candlestick Plant Stand #repurpose #thriftshopmakeover #stencil #mandala #anniesloan
Of course you could use a board and a candlestick but that's more work.  

My game board has raised edging and rounded corners.  This cheater build saves time!

Thrifted Game Board & Candlestick Plant Stand #repurpose #thriftshopmakeover #stencil #mandala #anniesloan

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  1. Loved the candle stick/ game board up-cycle. Wonderful look!

  2. That is a great re-use project. So much stuff at the thrift store could be reloved for functional use!


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