Fun Fall Junk Finds

October 19, 2017

I have to admit this little wooden wheelbarrow was not cheap.  I paid $30 for it at a local antique store but I had to have it.  The rusty wheel and the red chippy paint are just junk decor perfection!  

Of course it will be awesome next summer in the junk garden, but I am hoping to work it into a Christmas vignette as well.

Would you have paid $30 for the little wheelbarrow?

I paid $20 for this laundry tub on a metal base at the thrift shop.  Again, I am hoping to use it in my outdoor Christmas decor before it takes it's place in my junk gardens!

I have many galvanized laundry tubs in my junk gardens and yard but none on legs, unless you count my creations:
Laundry tub with pedestal table base.

Restaurant metal table base and laundry tub.

This wall organizer is from the thrift shop.  I paid $2.99.  

I love the metal tag frames on it!

This was 75 cents at the thrift shop. 

 I think it is for holding cookbooks.  It has a little storage compartment under the book ledge.

I purchased this framed photo at the thrift shop for $5 just for the rough sawed rustic frame.

I paid $3 for this paper towel holder.  Plain on this side.

With flowers on this side.  It's a little dated, and needs a makeover.  

It was originally priced at $24.95 at a local drug store.

And lastly, to my fun old pulleys from the thrift shop.  I paid $10 for each one.  I love pulleys.

This pulley is marked Louden and is not as rustic.  I can't wait to work them into my decor.
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Really great finds! The 14 ads, however, were distracting particularly the large ones that followed each one of your posted photos. I kept thinking they were more of your treasures!

    1. I use ad-blocking software. They are quite effective. You will still still see some ads, but they won't be as intrusive. I hate ads, too.

  2. Well, normally I would think $30 too much for thrifting, etc BUT I think I would have had to get the little red chippy wheelbarrel and I KNOW I would use it WELL at Xmas too. Oh, and also love that washstand for $20. The most I have paid for any of my goodies was $20 for a potato chip tin that I had my eye on for over 2 years! and finally I just bought the danged thing! Oh, actually I bought my vintage sideboard for $125.00. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and was afraid eventually it would be sold (it was at my local antique/consignment mall) and then they marked it down to $95(and since I had to pay delivery of $25 that is what stalled me before) and I bought! And love. Dawn P.

    1. One time I noticed a glass front cabinet in a consignment store. It was $125. I took a photo of it to show my partner. I also went through the photos on the website. Lo and behold. It had been there since March, and it was September. I threw out a number - $95. The store called the seller, and he said to just sell the darn thing. It had been around too long. So, it worked out for me to mention that the item had been around for some time, and I paid less for it. Sellers want to move their merchandise.

  3. Those pulleys were a great deal!!

  4. I love that little wheelbarrow! Great finds!

  5. I would pay $30.00 for that wheelbarrow any day, especially because it's red!!! The rest are great deals, too!!! Bring me next time!!!

  6. I would have paid double for that red wheelbarrow. It is a unique treasure indeed. Lucky you.

  7. Yes I would have bought the wheelbarrow. It is so cute! Love your other finds too, especially that wall organizer. OO LA LA!


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