My Garage Sale & Thrift Shop Finds in August

August 19, 2017
Vintage side table with mid century modern legs $10.

A wooden magazine rack $1.

Corner shelf.  My mom got at a sale.  Free to me.

Super fun metal stand with wire basket $3.  Great patina.

Vintage square pedestal table $3.

Four pig cutting boards.  The one of the far left has been used.  The other three are made from new wood $3.99 for all.

Safety vegetable grater 25 cents.

Dovetailed wooden in box $1.

Winter scene with large frame 75 cents.

Small sawhorse with metal legs 50 cents.

Heavy metal sconces 50 cents.

 Large white pitcher. Marked WSGPC China $2.  It might be W S George Pottery Company.  Not sure.

Primitive wooden shelf $3. 

 Wooden stool $2.

Large metal vase $3.

Which of these items would you have purchased?
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. A few things that I see that I would like. You found some wonderful treasures.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Love your treasures. I'll be watching for their transformation and I'm sure they'll be fantastic. Can't wait to go out and yard sale, I'm inspired.

  3. I would have definitely purchased the metal stand with metal basket for $3!!! I also would have purchased the vintage side table and primitive shelf.

    I would imagine that what you called a wooden stool is a stepping stool with something to hold onto to steady yourself. If I put something like that in my kitchen, I would trip over it for sure! Besides, I can't take a step on a stool any longer with my bad knees!

    What a nice haul. I can't wait to see the makeovers!

  4. at those prices everything wow xx

  5. Ummm... ALL OF THEM! You got some great deals and I would've bought them all too!

  6. whaaaaat !???!! those are fab finds w/ the best prices. would barely ever find such great deals where i am... i did get a vintage wooden ironing board for $3 a while ago.

  7. Would have bought all! Great finds & great prices! Bring on the transformations!

  8. Great finds. I would have bought the metal vase.

  9. Most all of them! Love the metal basket - perfect planter!

  10. Love them all, especially metal stand with wire basket, small saw horse and the pedestal table. Great purchases!

  11. Great finds! I just love the wire basket and white pitcher! The grater too, I have a collection of them. The framed winter scene really intrigues me. Can't wait to see what you do with them all!

  12. The 4 little piggies are cute oh my wheels of creativity are spinning. In your kitchen I would pant each pig a different color using the colors or your kitchen. Or maybe one red and one teal ya know the two dominant colors in your kitchen. Then paint the other two half red half blue masking of end to end on one and top to bottom on other. You could flip the colors from side you painted first pig. For a cute arrangement hang larger pig on top then three others directly under in a row. None if I found those cuties I'd paint them black and with white paint or chalk section out the cuts of meat on the largest one. Then one each of the smaller ones I'd write HAM PORK BACON with white paint or chalk. Kudos on all of your great finds. Looking forward to seeing your cleaverness and creativity you'll give to each of them. Bye bye ����

  13. Oh, great finds! Can't wait to see what you do with them!!


  14. They are all pretty cool finds and the prices were great! Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  15. That vintage side table is gorgeous! Amazing finds!

  16. Wow - I haven't seen prices like that in decades. You definitely have a great place to shop.

  17. Oh my, you did great, what a garage sale you attended. I should be so lucky. I know you will make their use even better. Thanks for sharing

  18. I so want to go yard and thrift store shopping with you...great finds.

  19. Wonderful finds. Can't wait to see what you do with them!


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