My 2017 Junk Garden Potting Bench

June 11, 2017
Farmhouse Barn Door Sign/Planter
This is a sign/planter that I made in May from a barn door, a rummage sale flower box and Old Sign Stencils Farmhouse stencil.  
I hung it above my potting bench/sink. 

The window box portion of the sign is planted with two Lanai Candy Cane Verbenas, and an ivy.  Verbenas are my favorite annual.  Lanai verbena a also called clump verbena or rose verbena.  They have a mounding, trailing habit.

This enamelware pot is planted with three colors of moss verbena.  Moss verbena are sometimes grown as ground covers.  Besides a lower growing habit, moss verbena have fern like foliage.  Both verbenas like a sunny location with at least half day sun.

This galvanized bucket contains a golden creeping Jenny, Glossy Strawberry Confetti  garden mix (that contains Sweet Alyssum YOLO White, Petunia Peppy Red, and Verbena Empress Flair Red) and red diascia.  I purchased the confetti mix pot and added the other annuals.

Hanging from the eaves around the potting bench are galvanized buckets of trailing Fuchsia and golden creeping Jenny.

Rustic Potting Sink/Bench Decor & Annuals
Also in the vignette is an old water pump, a homemade metal welded clothes rack (that's perfect for hanging flowers too), terracotta pots and a directional flowers sign that I stenciled last year.

Rustic Potting Sink/Bench Decor & Annuals
Potting bench/sink 2017.

I thought it would be fun to look back at my past potting benches posted to my blog.
Workbench Lumber Kit Potting Bench
2012.  This potting bench was actually a workbench kit that I used as a potting bench.

A Kitchen Sink Potting Bench
In 2013, I purchased the potting sink/bench, and the first year it had a kitchen sink thing going on.

Rustic Potting Bench/Sink
Potting sink/bench 2014.

Rustic Potting Sink/Bench & Rustic Seating
Potting sink/bench 2015.

Black Eyed Susan Vines and Red Verbena
And potting sink/bench 2016!  
Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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