A Junk Garden "Gallery" Fence

I always love garden backdrops and this section of chippy white fence is perfect for a junk garden.

I also love gallery walls.  They are like a puzzle.  How to fit various shapes, sizes, and items into a pleasing display.  
I don't have a super scientific way to map out a gallery wall.  I simply measure my gallery wall area, (in this case the fence), and lay out crates, shovels, etc to form my fence boundaries on the ground.  Then start laying my junk inside the perimeter.  Inside the house, I lay out items on the floor.

Then I start nailing up my gallery wall pieces.  Sometimes I have to make changes.  It doesn't always go up just like my ground pattern.  

A JUNK Garden Gallery Fence organizedclutter.net
 This area next to my deck is a tough growing area, so I fill it with ground covers,  I hate the large expanse of blue siding above the low growing plants so this gallery wall fence will add some much needed interest.

A JUNK Garden Gallery Fence organizedclutter.net
 My junky gallery fence display includes pot lids, a colander, rusty gears, sewing machine iron parts, signs, a shovel, planter, a hubcap from a Rambler, and a bird house mounted on a garden fork.  Notice some of my items are just leaning on the fence.

A JUNK Garden Gallery Fence organizedclutter.net

A JUNK Garden Gallery Fence organizedclutter.net
Not for everyone!  Just us junk gardeners!

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  1. Hi, Carlene...this is just as cute a can be !

  2. Hi Carleen, Love your "clutter" gardens.

  3. Such a great idea! I'm curious, do you put your garden "junk" away for the winter or do you leave it out? Have a wonderful day!


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