Two More Midwinter Rummage Sale Up-cycles

Continuing with makeovers from my midwinter rummage sale haul, I grabbed the old cutting board with cracks.

Two More Rummage Sale Up-cycles

My first up-cycle today is the faux washboard made solely for decorative purposes.  As you can see I paid $1 for it.  It has a copper color metal washboard.

"GATHER" Up Some Thrift Shop Finds & Get Stenciling

I picked up this plain wooden tray at the thrift shop recently. 


Three Easy Projects For Your Home

Dark pine stained mirrors, shelves and wood decor from the "cutesy" country decorating days are common finds at thrift shops in my area.  With just a little paint, stenciling, and  hooks, these finds transform easily.

Potato Masher Re-purpose for a Farmhouse Style Kitchen

I'm still working on upcycling/repurposing and selling my purchases from a midwinter rummage sale.

This over-sized potato masher is my project for today.  It cost me 75 cents.  I washed up the potato masher and then treated the handle with Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil.  It darkens and protects the wood.

Three Thrift Shop Kitchen/Dining Upcycles

The first thrift shop up-cycle started with a large wooden spoon and fork. Everyone had these a while back.  I think I even had a set in the 70's or 80's.

Rummage Sale Sleeve Ironing Board Re-Purposed As Trestle Style Display Shelf

Today I have an upcycling/repurposing project from my midwinter rummage sale purchases.

This was the sleeve ironing board top part.

Thrift Shop Primitive Platter Makeover

From this photo you can't tell that this platter is 21 1/2" in diameter.  It's quite large.  I found this primitive style resin platter at a local thrift shop recently.  I used to be a huge fan of prim country, but lately I have lightened up my country style to be more in line with farmhouse style.

Thrift Shop Up-cycles with Fusion Mineral Paint & Doily Stencils

I purchased this vintage ice cream chair at the thrift shop for $10 recently,

And this little wooden stool for $5.