Organizing My Clutter & A New Toy!

After 4 1/2 years of blogging, Organized Clutter has to downsize and organize clutter...

 I apologize for being missing in action while I purge, organize and redecorate my den into an Organized Clutter friendly space.  Stuff needs to go!

Up-cycled Decor for my Daughter's Apartment

I have been helping my daughter decorate her new apartment.  We are fixing up furniture and decor, mostly with paint, to both unify the items and update them too.  
When I wanted to add hooks for coats and purses on an entry wall, I used a red pallet arrow that I had purchased at a Moving Sale at Morgan's Mercantile and General Store, a local occasional shop.

Dated Vintage Vinyl Brick Tile Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Usually this old terracotta vinyl tile floor in my foyer is covered with lots of scatter rugs because I don't like the floor anymore.  One year ago in August, while my husband was away for four days for a fly in fishing trip, I decided to paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  While white may not be the best color for an entry, I will have a mat and a couple of scatter rugs to keep it as clean as possible.  

I thought the creamy white would lighten up the whole area.

So I started painting, and ran out of paint about 2/3's of the way through the project.  I called several friends that use chalk paint to rehab furniture and nobody had any to spare.  There are no stockists for 100 miles.  

So I covered my half painted floor with some area rugs, and quickly ordered more paint and floor laquer online to finish the job.

And then LIFE happened, you know, unforeseen events, problems, time constraints, etc. and soon we had snow and I thought it would be difficult to use our other door regularly in the winter time, while a floor painting project was happening.

I ended up finishing the job this month.  I applied two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White.  

I decided early on in the project to lightly distress the edges of some of the vinyl brick tile so if I eventually get some scratches they would not be as noticeable.  I used a white terry cloth rag and a green scrubby pad for the distressing.  I cut the scrubby pad into smaller pieces, and took a new piece, every time my pad got too clogged with chalk paint.  

My technique was to lightly (using very little pressure) rub the green scrubby pad along the edge of a brick and then wipe with the rag.  This worked pretty well.  I did it very randomly, some tile edges are more distressed than others.  The older vinyl tile in my foyer had very little shine, if any, and the paint seemed to adhere well.  In fact some of the floor that had been painted last year was much harder to distress and I had to rub more firmly to remove paint in spots down to the tile.  Next, I had to seal and protect my painted floor.


Another Project for my Repurposed Photo Holder Gallery Wall

I found some really great home made screens at a garage sale last month.  They hadn't been painted or stained.  I gave them two coats of vinegar & steel wool stain to darken them up a bit.  The recipe for the vinegar and steel wood stain is all over Pinterest.