A Funky Junk - Old Sign Stencils Copycat "Lunch" Window Project

July 30, 2016
A $5 old window, craft paint, a foam roller, jute, eye screws, black wood screws, old enamelware pans, and of course a stencil from Funky Junk Interiors/Old Sign Stencils are the materials needed to complete this project.

Here is my inspiration!  A window "LUNCH" sign by my friend Funky Junk Donna.  Instructions for stenciling on glass HERE from the Funky Junk Interiors blog. 

Check out all of the great stencils from *Old Sign Stencils HERE. 

This project would have been much easier with a slightly bigger window.  The stencil was a little too big and I had to press it down flat at times with any extra fingers!   I used a small foam roller and Folkart Multi-surface Craft Paint in Licorice.  I did about three coats. I like the multi-surface paint for glass as it is pretty durable after it cures. The roller method on glass works pretty easily if the stencil can be taped down flat to the window (or picture frame glass too).

 If you are careful, don't press too hard and use a pretty dry roller, you will not have to scrape off excess paint that bleeds around the edges.  If I get just a very small dot outside the lines, I use a toothpick to scratch it off.  If you use a razor blade make sure the paint is really dry and go slow so you don't scratch off more than you planned.

I screwed two eye screws to the top of the window frame and hung my window sign with jute, just like Donna did.  I put three black wood screws into the bottom of the frame to hang my enamelware kettles.  I hung my new sign in the kitchen on the door to my laundry room.

I love my project, er, I mean Donna's project!

Window Sign with Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils organizedclutter.net
*Old Sign Stencils provided me with complimentary samples.
All opinions about these fabulous products are my own.
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  1. What a darling idea. I love enamelware especially the red.

  2. Great window. I absolutely love the stencils you use!!

  3. I like that little sign, but I could never hang it in MY kitchen because I hardly ever cook lunch, much less serve it to anyone! I suppose it doesn't have to be really true to hang the sign, but I don't want to raise any expectations around here! I like the "every man (woman and child) for him/herself!"

  4. Lovely! Oh, they have more stencils in there!

  5. makes me want to get this stencil! love it for the kitchen and my favorite meal!


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