A New Look For An Old Garden Junk Favorite

May 18, 2016

This techno-heat lobelia planted in a small galvanized pail, hanging with wire inside a square, weathered gray frame from a limb of a birch tree was one of my most popular blog posts ever.  More on a Techno-Heat Lobelia here.

I have tried to copy the 2013 version but the tree is now dead and gone.  Other shades of lobelia just weren't as striking, blah blah blah.

2015 hanging from the deck rail.

 So fast forward to May 2016.  The frame got a white washing with thinned down satin latex Heirloom White Paint from Rustoleum.

 The galvanized pail got an "Est 1871" stencil from Decoart with black craft paint and sealed with Krylon Matte Sealer.

And no LOBELIA this year.  This is a"Baby's Breath named Gypsy Deep Rose".  An annual.

July 2017.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Very pretty...love the potted plants in the wood frames.

  2. Such a fun idea, Carlene...hope the new variety does well for you!

  3. Totally see why that this frame has been your most popular post ever. Super cute idea! I like the white washed look you gave it. Freshens it up without changing the adorableness of it. Look forward to more yearly pics.

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