Decorating the Deck with Rustic Birdhouses

May 31, 2015

I have seen birdhouses attached to the tops of shovel handles on Facebook or Pinterest or maybe both.  I thought it may be fun to use this old garden fork and birdhouse for a container planter.

Garden Fork Birdhouse For Container Garden
First the fork handle was sawed off evenly on top, and a hole was drilled in the handle top and in the bottom center of the birdhouse.  I used a dowel screw or double sided screw to attach the two pieces together.

Garden Fork Birdhouse For Container Garden
I stuck my birdhouse garden fork into a galvanized pail of petunias and verbena.

Rustic Birdhouse Garden Junk Decor
I gathered up more of my rustic birdhouses and lined them up on the deck railing, and added a sign.  Milk cans and a galvanized watering can complete this rustic garden junk vignette.

Rustic Birdhouse Garden Junk Decor
How do I keep the birdhouses from blowing off the deck?

I pound finishing nails in the deck rail and drill small holes in the bottoms of my rustic birdhouses.  After I slip the birdhouse over the finishing nail, they don't blow off the deck!

Rustic Birdhouse Garden Junk Decor
We are still experiencing some frost at night, here in northern Minnesota, so I may have to cover my plants again tonight! 

Update:  July 2, 2015.  Rustic Birdhouses

Rustic Birdhouse Junk Garden Decor

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love this vignette you have created!
    Nice collection of birdhouses!

  2. That is a fun garden vignette! I love birdhouses! While weeding today I found an old 'something' that could be used in place of the pitchfork, I may need to give the idea a try! Blessings, Cindy

  3. I love your décor. We live in a townhouse complex, so my farmy décor isn't approved of here. I keep my indoor stuff pretty cottagey, but try to have a few outdoor things that aren't too rustic. Have fun, and I hope you don't freeze, we're south of the cities, so no frost for us, hopefully.

  4. I love your containers and your sweet rustic birdhouses. So charming!!

  5. So fun Carlene! My sis gave me a shovel with a birdhouse attached to the top years ago. I still have it in my garden and love it. I have another birdhouse that my fil made for me that I have been trying to find the perfect spot for it. May attach it to an old pitch fork I have. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love that you decorated your porch with so many different birdhouses, Carlene! It's such a cute idea. I especially love the house attached to the garden fork. I think that that would be so darling also put in a garden. Thanks for sharing the way you styled your porch!


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