Thrift Shop Candle Holder Upcycle

April 07, 2015
One big "no-no" when you are a blogger is not taking a "before" photo of your project.  One day while painting a crib rail, clothespins and thrift shop candle holders, I missed taking a before photo of  the wooden candle holders.

My project began with these three dark wood tone candle holders from multiple trips thrifting.

The taller, thinner candlestick from the previous photo was later replaced with this squarish one. The reason being, I intended to attach the zinc pots sold as "Norah" vases for about $3.50 each, at my local florist, to the candle holders.  The other one appeared too slender for the Norah vase.   Here the three candle holders were painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in "Old White".

This Easter project  with my first "Norah" vase was here.  I love zinc!

The candle holder on the far right was cut off below the candle hole and sanded, and the short, stubby candle holder was just flipped over.  
I distressed the candle holders "after" applying ASCP clear wax which cuts down on dust and makes for a little different chipping off of the paint for me, anyway!  

Thrift Shop Candle Holder Zinc Pot Planter
 This is the candle holder I painted, distressed and simply flipped over before I glued on the Norah zinc vase with Elmer's Pro Bond Glue.  I usually use E6000 for wood to metal projects, but decided to give this glue a try after some research on the internet.  My small Sullivan Floral & Gifts faux potted plants fill the zinc pots for now.  I am hoping to use these little pots for live plants on the covered patio at the end of May!

Thrift Shop Candle Holder Zinc Pot Planter
Joanna Gaines of  HGTV's Fixer Upper loves these vases and sells them on her website.

Thrift Shop Candle Holder Zinc Pot Planter

Thrift Shop Candle Holder Zinc Pot Planter
 Rustic, fun, with zinc!

Thrift Shop Candle Holder Zinc Pot Planter
This is my "early spring" version of this project, "late spring/summer" with live plants coming soon...

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love them all. (The Dollar Tree has great fake succulents, much cheaper than the big stores.)

  2. These are great! I like your craftsmanship, your imagination and your blog :-)

  3. Those are very sweet Carlene. I love the look of the zinc with the white. So pretty.

  4. love them. never heard of Norah holders before.
    love zinc too.

    blessings and thanks for so many fun ideas. (and easy)

  5. I love how you used these candlestick holders. I just picked up ones this week as Goodwill. You have definitely inspired me to look at them differently. xoxo Luanne

  6. So sweet! Wouldn't they make a lovely gift? I'm going to be on the lookout for candlestick holders! Thanks!


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