Let's Kick Off Junk Gardening 2015!

April 11, 2015
Homemade Clothes Rack For Garden Pails www.organizedclutter.net
Let's kick off "Junk Gardening 2015" with some of my recent finds.  This item wasn't exactly cheap.  I paid $29 for it at a consignment shop, but think of the possibilities.  It's made out of welded pipe and is not tippy at all.

I think it was probably some sort of homemade clothes rack, but it will be fun for my outdoor displays.  This enamelware pot works on the pipe and my galvanized buckets full of annuals will work even better with these little welded hooks.

I also bought a rusty locker basket.  Also not that cheap at $20, but I have wanted one for a while now.

Lampshade skeletons work really well as flower supports or cloches in the flower garden.  I paid $8 for this one at the consignment shop.

I really didn't know what this was when I purchased it.  I like red, and it looked kinda "clunky and junky" so I purchased it at the consignment shop for $6.  It is a nose clamp for bulls.

Cattle Nose Clamp Flower Pot Hook www.organizedclutter.net
So far I have only tried it out as a plant hanger but I may come up with a better idea.  As you can see we don't have green grass or green leaves yet here in northern Minnesota, but it is 60 plus degrees today and I am thinking "junk garden".

I used a hunk of this weathered wagon board for an easy junk garden project today.

I took a row of chair springs and pounded a "U" shaped nail into the board to attach the row of five springs.  I used three "U" or fencing nails.

Junk Gardening with Barnwood, Springs & Funnels www.organizedclutter.net
Then I nailed the board to the railing of my deck, and added funnels planted with sempervivum or hen and chicks.  These hardy little perennials will be able to withstand nightly frosts that can be experienced here in a Zone 3 garden until the end of May.  You could also add sawtooth hangers to the back or a wire too to hang this planter.

Junk Gardening with Barnwood, Springs & Funnels www.organizedclutter.net
I love anything with funnels!  How about you have you started your junk garden 2015?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. You have amazing vision!

  2. Yes, I have started thinking about my junk garden. I picked up a metal colander at the thrift store the other day. It's been CHILLY here so I haven't been outside.....this week will be warmer....so I have high hopes. I can't wait to see your garden in a month. You have some great finds. :-)

  3. These are such fun, Carlene! I haven't been out in the garden yet this year, but this nice weather is calling to me...

  4. I am loving it all Carlene... I'm ready to pull all my garden junk out of the shed today... it's going to be 65 today! Spring is finally here!

  5. Waiting for it to be a bit warmer and drier here!
    I love junk in the garden, too, and have quite a bit.
    Always love your garden junk ideas!
    Also, loved your previous post about the coffee table vignette!

  6. Hey, Carlene ! Garden Junk is my favorite, so I'm glad to see a post on this. All my kin on mom and dad's sides is in Minnesota (originally from Faribault and Northfield) but I'm in warm and very dry Texas, just west of San Antonio. It has been in the 80's for weeks already and everything is leafing, blooming and green! It won't last. Soon it will be hot and the green will turn to tan and brown. We enjoy this time outside because once summer comes full force we won't be able to stand it outside. I love my garden junk and enjoy seeing what everyone else has in their yards. I have a lot of springs, and I love funnels, so your invention using both of these is so great! Keep it comin' !

  7. I love all your junk garden examples! I have started mine too... weekend before last I was clearing the weeds out of a planting area and I heard a "tink, tink" with the shovel... metal?! It was a piece of a giant round saw blade, so it is now stuck down into the dirt next to some lilies! I have found so much "junk" in this yard since I bought the house last September!


  8. These are great. Love them all.

  9. Love all your new junking finds. The stand is great and looks like you can hang several pots on it.
    Interesting use of the bull nose clamp and I love the funnel and springs planters.
    Happy planting,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Love your finds and ideas! Your funnel planters are great! Sadly I can't do "junk gardening" because we live in an historical home that is public so not very conducive to that kind of garden art but I love it! So I find garden "art" and sell it at our vintage occasional sales!

  11. A planter made of funnels, springs and chippy red wood... I may spontaneously combust before I can get home and throw one of these together! I have all the materials and was looking for something different to do with the old rust springs I have collected... this is it! I am in Zone 7 so planting is in full throttle right now. Thinking some of the portulaca I have sprouted woudl be perfect for this. Thank you so much!


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