Re-purposed Vintage Kitchen Ware Planter

Last Saturday I found some neat old kitchen utensils while thrifting.

When I first picked up the jar grabber at the consignment shop, I was thinking it would work for displaying old photos with a magnet or clothespin.

But, when I paired it up with the larger part from this dripolator...

I started thinking planter.

I made a hole near the top on each side of the dripolator.

Then simply tied the jar grabber part to the hole with twine.  This way I can remove the jar grabber for other uses too.

Thrift Shop Utensil Repurposed Planter
I tied a piece of twine to the hole on top and hung my planter on a hook in my kitchen.  Faux greenery and a tag have been added to finish off the dripolator/jar grabber planter.

If you wanted to grow real herbs or houseplants in my planter you would have to put a plastic pot inside the dripolator as it has holes in the bottom and would leak.

Thrift Shop Utensil Repurposed Planter
A very easy, and fun, re-purposing idea using thrifted kitchen utensils.  

Thrift Shop Utensil Repurposed Planter

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