Thrift Shop Up-Cycle with Decoart Americana Chalky Finish Paint

February 25, 2015

My project began with the purchase of this wooden item purchased at the thrift shop for $2.99.  I am not exactly sure what it is, but I think it may have been a country-style loaf pan holder for the table.

I recently became a blogger for DecoArt.   They provided the chalky finish paint I used to upcycle my thrift shop purchase, and also the clear wax to protect my project.  I chose the paint color, "Primitive", which is a light gray tone.

There is no need to sand or prime your project with Decoart Americana Chalky Finish paint, so I brushed two coats of paint on the front, back and sides.  

I also painted a pine corner rosette with the gray chalky paint. I had painted this white for another project, but never used it.

I attached the rosette to the front of the piece with two wood screws from the back.

I distressed all the edges with fine grit sand paper, and added a number "2" stencil with white acrylic paint and a round foam stencil brush.

Next I sealed my up-cycle project with Decoart Americana Creme Wax.  Once the wax is dry you can buff it to a shine.  

Decoart Americana Chalky Finish Paint Tea Light Holder
To give my piece farmhouse kitchen style, I nailed a vintage metal quarter cup measuring cup to the top of the rosette with a nail.

Decoart Americana Chalky Finish Paint Tea Light Holder
A tea light fits perfectly in the measuring cup.

Decoart Americana Chalky Finish Paint Tea Light Holder
 I really love the finished product!  The Decoart Americana Chalky Finish Paint was easy to apply, distressed easily (without a mess), and best of all, looks authentically old! 

All opinions are my own!  Thanks DecoArt for supplying me with paint and wax! 

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Well that is just the cutest little candle holder/ sconce!
    I believe that to be a charger for smoking hot fajitas or a steak platter from a grill!
    They use those a lot in the Mexican Restaurants around these parts....
    no matter, it's a cute little candle holder now!

  2. Very clever,,,, thanks for sharing, I've never been sure what paint to use. I've enjoyed reading your blog .....

  3. Your project turned out great......I love it!
    I have not tried the DecoArt chalk paint and wax....will give it a try!
    Thanks for the inspiration and have fun!

  4. Your blog is so fantastic I have you linked on my blog roll. Thank you for inspiring me too! I teach workshops and blog here at gccblogblog (at) blogspot (dot) com - everything on your blog looks GREAT!

  5. Love it! Perfect farmhouse style. :)

  6. So creative! Love how it turned out!

  7. I love it! I think a visit to our GW is in order for this weekend, but I rarely find any good junk to repurpose. Great job!

  8. I just love this. I love how you take things from the thrift store and re-purpose them. So cute. I make the biggest score at my thrift store yesterday. I am going to be painting for days and days. Love the new look.

  9. Great project, Carlene! Love how it turned out!


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