Rustic Christmas Outdoor Greenery Pails

November 05, 2014

Here is how I put together Christmas greenery pots for my rustic outdoor vignettes.
First I purchase spruce tree top bundles.  I can purchase spruce treetops here in northern Minnesota for $12 for a bundle of ten to twelve treetops.  I will be able to make three galvanized pails of greenery from these two bundles.

Next, I cut red dogwood branches.  My neighbor has a dogwood tree and I cut these twigs for one pot of greenery.  I prune off the wispy ends.

My husband cut down this birch branch from our tree at lunch time.  I will prune off the thinnest parts of the branches, and use the thicker bottom branches in my pails.

This is a galvanized pail of dirt from my summer junk garden.  I pulled out the dead summer annuals and started pushing treetops into the dirt.  Tallest treetops are put in the center and shorter ones around the edges.  I fan the branches out a bit as well as they are flattened in the bundles.

This pail now has about eight treetops stuck into the dirt in the pail.  It may seem early to many of you to be working on outdoor Christmas greenery but the dirt in these buckets will be frozen solid very soon and I won't be able to push in the treetops anymore.

Galvanized Pails, Treetops, & Twigs
I then poked the red dogwood twigs around the front edges and the thicker birch branches toward the center of the bucket.

Then to add a little more color, I am adding these red berry branches I purchased at Ben Franklin for $1.29 per branch.  They were made by Gershon.  I put three in each pail of greenery.

Galvanized Pails, Treetops, Twigs & Red Berries
And here is one of my summer junk garden, galvanized pail re-purposed with "Outdoor Rustic Christmas Greenery".  I will use these pails in my outdoor Christmas front patio decor.

Galvanized Pails, Treetops, Twigs & Red Berries

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. these look wonderful, Carlene. I think the look could be reproduced with faux branches and berries, for those of us who don't have evergreen treetops around. Love anything in a galvanized pail!

  2. I love the way the spruce tops look in the galvanized bucket...great rustic look!

  3. So pretty! Wow, I did think it was early, but I live in Texas where we still sometimes use our air conditioners in December! Frozen solid dirt. That's a concept! I may try your idea using cedar or pine instead! (Not much spruce around here). Thanks for showing us how!

  4. Love that you can buy the tree tops. Will have to check where they sell live trees and see if they have any. Like the look.
    Audrey Z.@ Timeless Treasures

  5. Carlene, I love using real greens with dogwood! Really looks wonderful in your galvanized pail! Wondering if you saw the message about whether or not you want to join 'Creating Christmas' link party this year?

  6. The perfect Christmas-y touch for a porch or deck!
    As always, Carlene, your creative ideas are something I want to try.......

    Thanks for sharing,

  7. always love fresh greenery, this looks wonderful!

  8. cuuute. thanks for how to.
    blessings and happy Thanksgiving

  9. Carlwne, I love all of your diy projects and want to thank you for sharing them. Reading your blog posts is very inspiring!


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