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November 19, 2014
Re-purposed Berry Sieve Christmas Tree
First, the berry sieve tree from 2013.

Re-purposed Funnel Christmas Tree
Funnel trees are a favorite of mine. I have been making them with candlesticks, funnels, and glittery stars since 2012.

Re-Purposed Yardstick Christmas Tree
Another alternative tree from 2012, my yardstick tree.

Postage Stamp & Button Framed Christmas Tree
This framed postage stamp tree is from 2014.

Framed Button Tree on Burlap
This framed button tree is still pinned pretty regularly.

Ribbon & Spool Christmas Tree
This easy spool and ribbon tree is also from 2014.

Grubby Button Christmas Tree
Last year I made these grubby button trees from styrofoam cones.

Re-Purposed Rolling Pin Christmas Tree
This rolling pin display from earlier this year was easy to dress up for the holidays without much effort.

Torn Book Page Christmas Tree
This book page tree was my most popular alternative tree ever!

Re-Purposed Alternative Christmas Tree Vignette
I put together a kitchen vignette with a few of my alternative trees this morning.

Re-Purposed Alternative Christmas Tree Vignette

Re-Purposed Alternative Christmas Tree Vignette
What have you re-purposed as a Christmas tree?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. well I love love them all!!!

  2. That group picture is so cool, Carlene...LOVE your wonderfully creative mind!

  3. What a fantastic collection of trees!!

  4. I am posting to my facebook page. I love this and I think I have a few of these sitting around. Will try! Thanks for sharing.

  5. How can I pick a favorite? Very, very clever! I'm going to share later on Facebook. Thanks for bringing your creations to VIP.

  6. Love all of them!! I have a funnel tree and the trunk is an old sewing spool.

  7. Those look so fun. Love your little tree vignette.

  8. LOVE them all!! I have a couple new tree ideas in my head for this year...I'd better get busy before you think of them first,,,haha :)

  9. I don't know if I can pick just one favorite, but the sieve is a contender.

  10. Carlene, these are all very clever. Love each one!!! I have a metal tree that is flat and holds candles, but I bought it. I'm featuring another unusual tree on my current post that is made of antlers. You might want to take a look. You could probably recreate it. '-)
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Your alternative Christmas trees are some of my favorite projects in all of blog land :)
    I copied your funnel tree and I love it so much it is one of my favorite decorations every year

  12. Oh, I love them!!! Can't say that I've ever thought of doing something like that myself. the postage stamp one is the most unusual, in my eyes.

  13. I loved them then and I love them even more now!

  14. You you are so talented love them all.

  15. These are all great! I love your creativity, and all your upcycles!
    I've been collecting metal funnels to make me a funnel tree. Their hard to find but I think I almost have enough.


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