Reclaimed Wood & Ladle Autumn Candle Holder

August 14, 2014
Barn Wood Pumpkin Ladle Candle Holder
I'm sure you have seen repurposed ladle candle holders on Pinterest and in blogland.  This is my autumn version of the idea.

 First I cut a piece of barn wood siding to fit the ladle.  I used a rasp to round the corners and edges to make it resemble a "skinny" pumpkin.

I used this end scrap of wood to fashion a rustic stem.

I watered down some acrylic orange craft paint and brushed on a thin coat.

I sure didn't use any kind of a pattern for the stem.  I just cut a hunk off of the splintered end piece and attached it with a mending brace.

Barn Wood Pumpkin Ladle Candle Holder
I bent the handle on the ladle to make the bottom more flat.
Barn Wood Pumpkin Ladle Candle Holder
So there IT is, my first fall project of 2014.  It was really pretty easy.  

Barn Wood Pumpkin Ladle Candle Holder
Here's the finished project complete with a fall floral pick and flameless candle.

Easy Scrap Wood Pumpkin/Ladle Fall Candleholder

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. And on Homeroad... great job girl... love the autumn decorations :)

  2. I'm definitely missing something since I've never seen ladle candle holders before. I'll have to check out pinterest. Love how you did yours!

  3. Love this! So simple and pretty :-)

    Have a wonderful night...

  4. Love this! I have some old ladles somewhere........going to try it.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. So darn cute and clever! I love the cute little chunk of wood you used for the stem. Don't you just love flameless candles?

  6. What a cute idea! I love the way it looks all ready for fall!

  7. So so cute! I love it! I shared it on Facebook and on my autumn pinterest board! ( )


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