Vintage Gardening Container Vignette

June 01, 2014
Here's the summer vignette that I put together for the Red Wing crock table between the adirondack chairs on my covered patio.  I started with a most perfect wooden crate!

Covered Patio Vintage Summer Rustic Crate Vignette
What's in the wooden crate?  Vintage gardening books, a vintage geranium canister, a white ironstone pitcher with a live variegated ivy, a white bird finial, a vintage pansy print, peat pots, and vintage hand tools.

Covered Patio Vintage Summer Rustic Crate Vignette
The decor on my covered patio really never gets wet but it does get some wind and dust accumulation, and a bit of pollen.

Covered Patio Vintage Summer Rustic Crate Vignette
I also placed a battery operated "vintage look" clock to the table and three vintage hose nozzles.

Covered Patio Vintage Summer Rustic Crate Vignette
Container vignettes are fun inside and outside the house.

Covered Patio Vintage Summer Rustic Crate Vignette
My table is actually a 20 gallon Red Wing crock with a pre-made wood table top that my husband modified to stay tight on the crock.  See how he did it here.

More of the covered patio to come soon!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Adorable! And the wooden box is red too.

  2. Carlene, it's a nice touch for your porch. I'm in the "change" process for our porch, trying to create a few new vignettes for summer interest. '-)

  3. What a charming garden vignette! I especially love the addition of the old gardening books!

  4. Love the decor on my covered pretty!!

  5. So pretty and creative! We are in the middle of lots of landscaping and planting, so of course, I love your vignette!

  6. Very nice! I wish I can't do something like this on my porch since it's not covered.

    1. That looks great - I would have loved to win it!! I am always looking for new home decor ideas. I'll be back to read more in the future.


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