A June 25th Front Yard Flower Border Update

June 25, 2014
Here is my newly planted front yard flower border on May 25th.  If you would like to see this flower bed diagrammed at planting time, refer to my May 25th post here.

Here on June 9th, the flower bed had already begun filling in nicely.  Since May 25th, I switched out a terracotta pot of purple Calibrachoa with red on the stepladder.  I also had to change out the yellow pot of Calibrachoa with a brighter yellow Calibrachoa as it had died from root rot.

In my May 25th post, I lamented the death of my beautiful Gardenview Scarlett Monarda, and possible replacement options, like calling neighbors that I had shared the Monarda with in previous years.  This would have been the best option as a clump off of a seasoned plant would be beautiful this season.  I soon learned that others had also lost their Monardas over the very unseasonably cold winter.  Another possible option was fill in the area with two to three Marguerite Daisies.  I did this and also added a 4" pot of Gardenview Scarlett Monarda behind it.  It will not be spectacular this season but hopefully will be a decent size by next summer.  

When it appeared soon after the May 25th planting that some of my Liatris were also lost, I  was lucky enough to come across the annual Mirabilis or Four O'Clocks in 3 inch plastic pots.  

The Nasturiums planted in the laundry tub under the wire basket (cloche) just came into bloom.

At one time I had a grand perennial Baby's Breath that filled in the area under the stepladder with tons of small white blossoms and airy foliage.  I replanted another baby's breath under the ladder but it never really amounted to much and eventually died.  Just today, my cousin dropped off a clump of Liatris that she had just dug up in her garden.  Normally June 25th would be far too hot to try a transplant, but this year has been cool and rainy so maybe it will be okay.  We will see!

New to my garden this year is Bunny Tail Grass.  I found it so adorable at the greenhouse that I had to try it.  No sure if it has been too wet or too cool or both, but it has barely changed since I planted it.

The Creeping Baby's Breath just came into bloom this week.

Front Yard Border 1 Month After Planting www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
The border 6/25/14!

Front Yard Border 1 Month After Planting www.organizedclutterqueen.blogspot.com
Remember to stop back in July when almost everything will be in spectacular full bloom!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I've never heard of the bunny tail grass. I must look for some. Your garden is just breathtaking!

  2. Everything has grown a lot since May 25th...very pretty!! I Can't wait to see it July.

  3. It looks great! I found that Monarda is very finicky and dies off after a few years..I'm glad you found some to replace yours!

  4. good thing your not my neighbor, or else I would have to do a drive - by at night and snatch some serious junk!

  5. That is some great "organized clutter" in your border......love it!!

  6. Je suis certaine qu'il va être encore plus beau cette année dans quelques jours...

    ♡ Gros bisous ♡

  7. Wow, your garden has filled in beautifully! I love how you used height in your garden by using the vintage ladder and stool/chair.

  8. How cute are those bunny tail plants....I cant wait to see everything in July !! Hooray !

    ~R from Wi.

  9. The garden looks absolutely beautiful. It is filling in nicely.

  10. Your garden is beautiful and all your organized clutter is just wonderful. I love Four O'clocks, but unless you have some way to catch the seeds they will take over. It has taken me three years to get them out of a small bed I have, I think I got the last of them last week, I hope. Can't wait to see your border in July.


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