Decorating the Succulent Beds with Junk

This morning I have been working in two garden areas planted with Sedums and Sempervivums.

I just purchased this rusty shovel head yesterday.  


Easy Re-purposed Outdoor Plant Picks

Plant pick #1:  A $2 Thrift Shop Rosette Iron


Cool Container Gardens

Here are some of the pots I planted this season.  I can't wait for them to fill in!

Terracotta Pot Planter from Reclaimed Wood
I made this rustic pot holder earlier this spring, here.  A single red geranium is planted in each terracotta pot.


Planning & Planting My Front Yard Border 2014

Annuals, Perennials, & Junk Garden Border
When all goes well my front yard border looks like this! I live in northern Minnesota and garden in Zone 3. 


Outdoor This and That 17: Another Framed Lobelia & Clipart

Framed Lobelia May 2013
With the success of this Techno Heat Lobelia in the frame both in the garden and on my blog, I am repeating the project this year.


The Making of a Junk Garden Vignette

The first step in making a great junk garden vignette is to find some cool junk!  (I have plenty!)

I move my junk around in the designated vignette space until I get a pleasing arrangement.  Sometimes this happens quickly, and sometimes it takes a while.  Sometimes it may even take a trip to a junk shop for the right piece, however, now that I have been putting together junk vignettes for a while now, I usually have the right pieces.

The most important rule with junk gardening or outdoor junk vignettes is that your yard and garden should be well maintained, manicured, mowed, clipped, etc.  If your yard looks overgrown and junky before you start you will not end up with a pleasing junk garden vignette, you will end up with a JUNKYARD vignette.  Big difference.  


A Junk Gardener's Window Box

My projects starts with this piece of a desk or a bedroom chest that I purchased for $12.


Miniature Galvanized Pails on Barn Wood

Barn wood and galvanized zinc finishes go so well together, especially in a junk garden.

I started with a 30" long, 1" x 4 3/4" scrap of reclaimed wood, and five zinc pails. I put the far right and far left nails in the middle of the board about 3" in from the ends, then about 6" apart on the the other three.  Or at 9", 15", 21" and 27".  


$2 Rummage Sale Table Becomes A Planter Table

Remember this $2 senior center rummage sale table from a post here?


A Junk Garden Washboard Planter

 Do you remember the lag screw metal and wood bin that I purchased earlier this year?


A Succulent & Terracotta Miniature Garden On A Weathered Garden Stool

Weathered Garden Junk Stool
First, I found the perfect weathered wood and metal stool at a local antique shop for $20.  It was love at first sight!