My First Re-Purposed Kitchen Ware Tiered Stand

February 15, 2014
There have been many things I wanted to try since I became a blogger.

I recently tried Annie Sloane Chalk Paint for the very first time.  I made my first sign with the graphite letter tracing technique.  I printed a shamrock on a dictionary page with the word shamrock.  I made a book page Christmas tree.  I got a Silhouette Portrait for Christmas.  (I haven't tried it yet).  You get the idea.  After you see great ideas on other blogs or Pinterest, you just want to try it yourself.

I bet I could make a great tiered stand like Susan at Homeroad.  This one was made with wooden bowls.

Or like the "Queen of the Tiered Stand", Angie at Knick of Time Interiors.  This one is fabulous with vintage enamelware.  Angie and Susan both sell tiered stands in their Etsy shops.

Well not so fast!!!!!!  It wasn't quite as easy as I thought.  

A Re-purposed Kitchen Ware Tiered Stand
Here is a vintage Jello mold and a pie pan, and a wooden rolling pin.  I planned to have the tiers 6" apart, and planned to use a double sided screw on the top tier, and a single screw on the bottom.

Well, it all went together okay but seemed a little wobbly, (maybe more than a little wobbly), especially the top tier.  I was never quite sure why I had the problem.  My husband tried to tighten all the connections as tight as he could.  He tried longer and wider screws, and finally we glued with E6000 and screwed them together and when the glue started to cure, the stand became pretty stable. 

Some bloggers said they used only E6000, some said they used screws and some said both.  I think part of my problem may have been the dowel down the center of the rolling pin.  The rolling pin was not a solid cylinder.  

A Re-purposed Kitchen Ware Tiered Stand
Here's how my tiered stand with a Jello mold, pie tin and rolling pin, and screwed and glued together, turned out.

A Re-purposed Kitchen Ware Tiered Stand
Here it is filled with vintage kitchen ware.

A Re-purposed Kitchen Ware Tiered Stand
I am displaying my tiered stand with vintage cookbooks too, like this Good Housekeeping cookbook, copyright 1909.

A Re-purposed Kitchen Ware Tiered Stand
And here is the whole vignette!

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  1. Well it's absolutely adorable!

  2. you did a great job, Carlene! ha! I've been thinking I'd like to try my hand at making one, too!

  3. You did an excellent the rolling pin!!! I like the way you put your own "spin" on it. :)
    Some day I too will give it a try so thanks for the advise.

  4. You did a great job, Carlene! It did take us some practice to get them right, but my husband and I love making them now (well, I love it - he helps fairly willingly!)

    1. I am still trying to get my husband to like helping me make mine! Yours came out great and I am a huge fan of Angie at Knick of Time (and yours)! I love what you do!

  5. It turned out it!!! It sure would look good in my farmhouse kitchen...might have to make myself one.

  6. Carlene, it is darling and just perfect for your wonderful style! I have some enamel pans with red brims. May need to try and make one similar to Angies. Love hers as well!

  7. As usual, amazing! I love the rolling pin as the center. So clever!

  8. Oh that is really cool Carlene! You got a Silhouette for Christmas??!! You must have been very good!

  9. I love it! It came out fantastic... I wish I could get my husband to help! :)

  10. Just adorable! Love the rolling pin... Very creative

  11. Well Carlene, I think your stand turned out to be a very cute piece to use in your corner vignette!

    It's perfect to hold all your little tin arranged it all with your usual flair!

    You've inspired me, again, to give a fun project a try.....

    Thanks for sharing,

  12. Carlene ... well done ... I like the use of the rolling pin and it looks great with your collections. I agree with you about Angie being the Queen of tiered stands. I have supplies ready to make some too and like you, need to figure out how to make them sturdy. I also visited Susan at Homeroad and picked up a few pointers. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z.

  13. I'd say you did good. I haven't ventured into making one either what am I waiting for?

  14. I've been wanting one of these every since I saw them at Angie's.
    I never thought of using a rolling pin as the center support.
    what a great idea!

  15. It was worth the effort! So perfect. Your blog was suggested to me by my mom, Kathy, from the Icebox :)


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