Vintage Glass Milk Bottles in a Wire Carrier

Update:  Please read all the way to the bottom as instructions have changed.

I got these two older Bridgeman milk bottles and little wire carrier from my neighbors recently.  

Vintage Milk Bottles & Carrier
The neighbors had them stored in a old shed so they were very dirty.


New Hometalk "Holiday JUNK" Clipboard

I up-cycle, re-purpose and decorate with junk 365 days a year!  Yes, even seasonally and for holidays too!

For instance, my Christmas covered patio consisted of this purposefully placed junk:
Rustic Outdoor Christmas Vignette
See more HERE.


Re-Purposed Recipe Box to Mail Organizer

I obtained this little wooden recipe box recently from neighbors that were selling their house, and downsizing.
I am not sure if the recipe box is home made or not, but it could be.
As you can see, it had some 3x5 card, handwritten recipes between the wood slots as well as clipped recipes.  The magazine recipe clippings are from the 1970's.


A Chippy, Shabby, Little Step Stool

Last week I picked up this little step stool for $4 while out thrifting.

A Chippy, Shabby, Little Step Stool
It came with a wire wrapped around it in several places.  It was pretty grubby.

The Yard, Gardens, and Patio of a Junk Collector

I started collecting vintage items about 20 years ago.

My mom has always loved antiques, auctions, garage sales and thrift shops.  We sold collectibles together on Ebay for a few years in the 1990's, and were quite successful.  My mom continued to sell at consignment shops to supplement her retirement income (and for fun).  She still dabbles in selling, even though downsizing to an apartment slowed down her buying and selling.

When I first started collecting, I read the collecting guides that really stressed condition, condition, condition of the item.  So chipped, cracked, worn items seldom came home with me.  Over the years my tastes have changed some, and I have my pretty collections and my rustic, junky collections.

So, what do I collect?  You will see my collections all over my house and gardens.  I could never be a minimalist, but I like my collections and clutter to be ORGANIZED!

Here are my favorite collectibles used outdoors:

Junk Garden Galvanized Buckets
You can just never have too many galvanized buckets.

My First Project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I purchased two cans of Annie Sloan chalk paint last November along with one can of light wax.  I just completed my very first project using chalk paint.

Vintage Spice Rack with Collectibles
I chose to paint this vintage spice rack that hangs in my laundry room adjoining the kitchen.  While the spice rack holds a few vintage spice tins, it also displays other small collectibles.


Vintage Cake Pan Button Mosaic

I recently shared this vintage cake pan button mosaic project over at the Inspiration Cafe as a feature in the Junkin' Jewels series.

I love to create seasonal decor from thrift shop items.  Kitchen ware is always plentiful at the thrift shops, so many of my projects use items like these:  cookie cutters, jello molds, and cake pans.


Another Upcycled Thrift Shop Valentine's Day Frame

An Upcycled Junky Love Sign
This up-cycle started with this reddish colored barn wood frame country sign that I purchased thrifting for $3.  The sign is painted on a thin piece of board.


Thrift Shop Country Primitive Framed Heart Makeover

Upcycled Thrift Shop Framed Heart
Would you pick this up at your local thrift shop for $3?


A Framed Clipboard Gallery Wall

Do you remember when I framed four old clipboards?

Clipboard Photo Wall
If you don't remember, click HERE to see my inspiration for this project.


Thrift Shop Wood Hearts Become Faux Reclaimed Wood Hearts

I picked up a couple of dated country hearts at the thrift shop this week.

This one is a $2 wooden heart,


My Inspiration Cafe Guest Post - A Valentine's Day Button Mosaic

I am guest posting today at the Inspiration Cafe in the Junkin' Jewels Series.

A Heart Cake Pan Button Mosaic
My project is a Bake King heart cake pan button mosaic.  Click HERE to see how my heart turned out and how I did it!  

I hope you like it!

follow me here:

Up-cycling A Thrift Shop Frame for Valentine's Day

 This was a $2 item I purchased at the thrift shop last week.

Upcycling a Thrift Shop Frame for Valentine's Day
 A square frame with a faux tin tile, (it may be plastic) and four square mirrors in the corners.


Too Easy Vintage Wooden Purse Handle Re-purpose

Here is an easy peasy, $3, consignment shop purchase re-purpose!

Repurposing Vintage Wooden Purse Handles
1.  Purchase a set of vintage wooden purse or fabric bag handles.


A Rustic Valentine's Day Mantel

It is still freezing cold here in northern Minnesota, so I am spending the morning with crafts and playing with an idea for a rustic Valentine's Day Mantel.

Rustic Vintage Valentine's Day Mantel
I started on the far left side of the mantel with a red dictionary, a jar full of white doilies and one red doily, a vintage clock, an old clipboard with a vintage Valentine from my Grandma's scrapbook.


Easy Valentine's Day Decor with Thrift Shop Hearts

Scouring the Thrift Shops for Valentine Hearts
Since Christmas is over, I have been scouring the thrift shops for heart shapes.  Here I have a vintage heart cake pan from Bake King, a Jello mold, a necklace and heart from a necklace, and a tin heart cookie cutter.


I Love An Old Norwegian Trunk

If I made a list of my most prized possessions, this old trunk would be near or at the top of the list.  It is a family piece passed down to my Grandma, then my Dad, and now me.  

An Antique Norwegian Trunk
The aged patina of this wooden trunk with it's worn Rosemalling, is just perfect.  The date of  "1817" is painted on the circle on the right.

A Valentine's Day Shadow Box

I love it when some of my Christmas decor (the red stuff) can double as Valentine's Day decor.  

Like this mini clipboard that had a Christmas photo of my brother and me on my re-purposed Christmas tree.
Vintage Valentine Displayed on a Clipboard
Now it displays a vintage valentine of mine from Kindergarten.

Holiday Decorating 2013 Recap Part 2: Fall, Halloween, Christmas

I had a busy fall and early winter crafting, re-purposing, and decorating for fall, Halloween and Christmas crafts in 2013.

Let's recap:

Cake Pan Pumpkins