Grubby Button Christmas Tree

November 27, 2013
Do you know what grubby buttons are?

These are what I call grubby buttons.  Usually metal, some are wood but a lot of the paint is worn off.  I used to make primitive snowmen with these grubby buttons.

I painted two styrofoam cones with acrylic dark gray paint.  One was 6 1/2" and one was 8 1/2" tall.

You have seen button trees on a styrofoam cone, haven't you?  On Pinterest?  I have pinned them.  They are all beautiful, and they use pins with large plastic heads.  I didn't want the plastic head look with worn metal buttons, and I didn't want to glue them on like I did with my Easter button eggs.

Button Easter Eggs
On the button Easter eggs, I used fast set tacky glue.

Grubby Button Christmas Trees
Without the plastic pinheads, the pins went right though the holes, so I toed them in on a diagonal.  This worked well, and it went fairly fast.  

Grubby Button Christmas Trees
Here are the grubby button trees on Jello mold rings.  

Grubby Button Christmas Trees
I dabbed dark gray and platinum acrylic paint on two rusty tin stars for the tree tops.   A vintage aluminum measuring cup holds a grubby snowball.

Grubby Button Trees

Grubby Button Christmas Trees
The grubby button trees are in a cubby over my kitchen sink. 
Grubby Button Christmas Trees

Rustic grubby button trees!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Love the color and texture these 'grubby' buttons give to these trees. Very cool!

  2. you always come up with the most fun projects. love the color of those button trees!

  3. How unique and cool these grubby button trees are!

  4. I've never heard of grubby buttons, but your trees are so fabulously textural. Super cool!

  5. Now I know what to call all those buttons I never knew what to do with! Fun tree and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Love your grubby trees, very creative! I haven't visited in awhile. I live rural where our internet service is poor, and I have a difficult time loading up blogs hosting ads. Today my service is good...probably due to the holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Pam


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