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October 22, 2013

Are you familiar with a vintage dough riser?

Vintage Dough Riser

Vintage Dough Riser
This is a vintage or antique dough riser.  I fell in love with the cover first.  It was red. (although I don't think it came that way and was painted at sometime).  It's fairly big.  Maybe too big for my small kitchen but I may use it for a kitchen utensil display.  If it is just too big for my house, I will use it outside in my garden.  I paid $19 for it.

My great grandmothers may have used something like this for bread to feed their large families, but thankfully I have never had to bake that much bread.  It would hold a lot of dough.  

Rolling Pin
I spotted this old rolling pin for $2.  I thought it must be fairly new because it looked like it was hardly used.

But then I saw the 59 cent price scribbled on the end and decided to buy it.  It will stay "hardly used" at my house.  

I was so thrilled to find more funnels for $4 each.  Funnels are one of my newer collections.

Vintage Prune Crate
 How fun is a Morning Star prune crate?  It's about the size of my fun "raisin" crate. (The raisin crate is now hanging on my family room wall )

National Recovery Act Crate
 One side was prunes and one side was the NRA.  It's the National "Recovery" Act from the Great Depression era (not the National Rifle Association.)

Vintage Crate
A great old crate at $16.

Napco 1956 Christmas S & P Shakers
A very fun set of S & P shakers from Napco, 1956.  I collect Christmas items from my childhood and these were from the year of my birth.  I bought them for $4.

Hand knit mittens
These little hand knit children's mittens were $2 each.  Perfect for winter/Christmas vignettes.

Primitive Paper Towel Holder
I also bought this primitive paper towel holder for $6.  Not sure where this will end up.  Maybe paper towels, but just maybe part of a re-purposing project.

Vintage Lunch Box
An old beat up lunch box $8.  It appeals to my junkier side.

What have you found lately?

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Okay great prices thrifting. Thrift stores have become so expensive here. I usually will pay less than $10 for a roller though many are higher so to get one for $2 was great.

  2. Those are sweet little salt and peppers, love vintage Christmas!

  3. I never knew that tinware piece was for dough. I will look more carefully next time I see one. Love all the finds especially the funnels and the lunch box. Great bargains.

  4. Bonjour,

    Une visite agréable en admirant vos photos.
    J'ai beaucoup apprécié les caisses en bois de fruits.
    Gros bisous

  5. I have never seen that dough rising bowl before. looks like a giant colander without the holes. You always find fun stuff! I didn't see anything to make a snowman out of there, but maybe you do!

  6. Lots of great stuff but I do love the S&P, so cute!!

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! you find the best at the best prices!!! i could almost die for the crate!!!

  8. Great finds Carlene! It's been so long since I've been thrifting. Love the S&P's. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up with your treasures. :)

  9. You find the best stuff! I love the dough riser.

  10. I have not been out thrifting in a week or so, but hope to get to an estate sale tomorrow. Love those s&p shakers!

  11. Great stuff, wow! I just found an antique dough/bread maker, I would like to have the antique dough riser to match with it hihi! And the crate is perfect!

  12. Great finds Carlene! I have never seen a large dough riser like that. Love it! I spied a few items I have and love also. I just found an old green heater that is shaped like a large lantern. Can't wait to use it for Christmas! I can see pinecones and boughs decorating the top. And of course a cute bird. Wanted to talk to you a bit more about the link party. Will you send me your e'mail? Or reply to this and then I'll answer back.

  13. I'm loving the weathered paper towel holder! And of course the salt & pepper shakers appeal to me. I would not have known the first item was a dough riser, so I learned something new today! I found an oval flower print today to hang....somewhere!

  14. You find the best things at your thrift shops. Our thrift shops never have good stuff like that....and if they did and knew what it was, it would cost a fortune. I'm jealous....LOL but love to look at all the goodies that you find...thanks for sharing.

  15. Here is something I never dreamed I'd ever say.... my what a nice prune crate you have.

  16. I did not show my latest finds yet. Not much....I love the dough bowl....It would be a great pot outside. I wish my hubby would like that look more. I can't get away with a lot of it....he says we aren't a junk yard. I beg to differ if you saw his shed!!

  17. I absolutely LOVE old vintage fruit boxes. As a native Californian, it's part of our local, state & family histories. Even though the Rosenberg Bros were based mostly in the Bay Area, they bought a lot of their prunes from the farmers in my area, up here in Northern California. I remember my maternal grandparents having these types vintage
    wood boxes throughout their home, in the barns and while harvesting various fruits & vegetables on their farm. (They came from Arkansas) Not only do they have soo many uses, but the history alone has me drooling over any that I see. Obviously I'm not alone on that thought because they are EXTREMELY hard to find here in Northern California. If you happen to come across one, it's worth a lot of money. Condition isn't even a factor in the prices. The more local to our area, the more it's worth. Just know.. you found a gem! Thank you for sharing it. I absolutely love it. ❤
    Ps. I'm definitely a new subscriber to your blog. 😉

    1. Thanks so much! The vintage fruit boxes sell for about $10 each here.


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