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October 01, 2013
I started blogging in early December, 2011.

I really and truly thought that I was ready.  (But I look back now and shudder).  The photo quality, the photo quantity (sometimes one photo per post), and sometimes even the idea needed a little tweaking.

Here are photos from my very first Christmas as a blogger:  (be nice, I was a blogging virgin!)

Christmas mantel
Here is my mantel with oil lamps and teacups and a pine swag.  

Romantic Christmas Mantel
This is the old yellow wall living room, with the floating book shelves and teacups.  I painted the walls white in 2012, and went with a little more casual vintage decor.

Christmas Suitcase Vignette
The first appearance of my vintage suitcase Christmas vignette.

Christmas Kitchen Shadow Box
My kitchen shadow box was red in 2011.  It was painted black in 2012.  The chairs were gone in 2013.

Christmas Kitchen Shadow Box
My 2011 Christmas shadow box was filled with vintage cookie cutters, snow villages, salt and pepper shakers, and a nut grinder.

Christmas Kitchen Shadow Box
Another shadow box in the kitchen had wood stars and a stainless tray and metal Christmas trees.

Christmas Bird Vignette
Also in my kitchen, a Christmas bird vignette.

Outdoor Snowflake Vignette
And outside, a Snowflakes' vignette on my picket fence shelf.

I think I have gotten better at photography and creativity since then!  I hope you have enjoyed my growing pains!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. Your photos look professional - I can't look at my old photos Carlene - they're so horrific lol - even have the date showing up on them in neon yellow -
    Those are some gorgeous decorating ideas you have :)

  2. I love your photos! The oil lamps are beautiful!

  3. Bonjour,

    Quand Nöel sonne à la porte...

    Très jolies photos.

    Gros bisous

  4. I'd say you hit the ground running girl! My old photos are much more frightening!!

  5. Your photos are lovely. Beautiful beginning!

  6. I think that it looks great. We are all constantly learning it's all good. I'm loving that you shared Christmas today:)


  7. Good Morning Carlene, I have to tell you, I think probably we all cringe a little at our early photographs.... I know I do, but at the time I thought they were fabulous..... but I have to tell you, you have nothing to worry about, as your photographs do look lovely.
    Have a good weekend.
    Best Wishes


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