Home Tour 2013

July 06, 2013
I have seen a lot of blogger home tours recently.  I really have never put together a whole home tour, just reveal posts room by room.  

I hope you will enjoy my unique "Organized Clutter" style home, lovingly and whimsically decorated with family heirlooms, collected antiques and vintage items.

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

The 3/4 Bathroom

The Master Bedroom

The Laundry Room

The Covered Patio

I really enjoy decorating with collectibles and vintage items.  I never know what I will find on the hunt, and where I will put it when I get it home.  That's the challenge!

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  1. Carlene, your home is beautiful, interesting, tastefully done. I do love all the color and themes you have. It's full of surprises, too, like the ducks in the bedroom. Are they a family treasure?

  2. How fun!

    I always focus on little details and here are my favorites:

    - lovely linen cloths on tables and cabinets
    -red ironing board
    -old clothes hangers
    -so many other things

    Great minds think alike - I too have croquet balls in a basket - they are from my childhood set.

  3. I love your home and your style, so many beautiful antiques and treasures. You display them all so beautifully too. My favorite is your kitchen, I love all the vintage you have in there. Hugs, Marty


  5. Carlene, what a beautiful home tour - such clever ideas everywhere! I adore the little dump truck holding bar soaps in the bathroom (I may have to steal that idea!!!), and the bowls in the laundry room. Lovely!!! Jane

  6. That's it - I'm coming over for all of your collections! My dad collected ducks - art, decanters, decoys ... he'd love your collection!

    I'm sharing this on my FB page today!

  7. Oh my goodness, such lovely treasures in this lovely home! I enjoyed you sharing this tour with us! Happy 4th. weekend.

  8. What a lovely home. I don't see clutter at all. But it is all organized neat and is so cozy. Love it all.

  9. I see lots of great pieces! You have a HUGE bathroom! Love the kitchen and laundry room!
    Thanks for the tour. It's always nice to see how other liked minded gals decorate!

  10. I especially love your laundry room. Please, tell us about the little girl figurines on the shelf above your washer & dryer? One says 'Kleanser Kate' I think, the center one has a verse & then there's a smaller one. Are they just ornamental or did they have another purpose. They're very sweet.

  11. I'm coming over for coffee one day so I can sit at your kitchen table & just look at everything! I'm still crushing on your green shutter ;)

    Shasta @ InTheOldRoad

  12. What a great home tour. I don't think I ever saw your larger bathroom before. Love that pink tile. Really. I always wanted a pink and black bath. Just another of your things I'll have to be jealous of!

  13. Loved the house tour Carlene! It looks comfy and cozy and I adore all your vintage touches.
    Barb Rosen

  14. Beautiful. You make my day...many days..as I follow your decorating in the evenings when I'm watching the MN. Twins in TX.

  15. I enjoyed my visit in your beautiful home..got me some awesome encouragement and inspiration too..thank you!~

  16. I was going to list the rooms in order of my liking of them but I can't Carlene! I love them all for different reasons! It's all so cozy and sweet without being cluttered :-)

  17. Hi Carlene,
    Loved taking the tour of your home.
    Beautiful photos!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  18. You have a perfectly decorated cottage home...complete with organized clutter!
    Now...that is what I'm striving for. Thanks for setting the bar.
    ;) I love it.

  19. Carlene, thanks for inviting us into your lovely home. I have always enjoyed all your collections and, now seeing them where they live, is even more special. I love your LR carpeting..Happy Weekend..Judy

  20. You have a beautiful home! I love your kitchen, laundry room, porch... I could go on and on.

    Well done!

  21. I love your pictures! You collect several things that I love also.

  22. You have so many charming vintage treasures in your home, Carlene. What I'm most impressed with is that every room is done! I don't know if I'll ever get to that point. And I'm seriously envious of your extra long vanity in your retro bathroom. I'd love to have that! Thanks for the tour!

  23. I enjoyed your home tour very much. I especially love the ladies heads figures and croquet balls in glass jars. You have so many wonderful vintage items. So fun to see!

  24. I loved your house tour, just so much to see. Gorgeous. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  25. Thanks for the tour....I have to say you have a huge collection of treasures.......

  26. So enjoyed the tour! Your home is charming and you have so many wonderful collections!

  27. Hi Carlene! Your home is beautiful. I love all of your vintage accessories.

  28. Absolutely loved taking the tour of your home! Charming and cozy, I could feel right at home among your awesome collections. I, too, love decorating with many of the same things that you do. My motto is that if there is an empty space on the wall...it is simply waiting for the right item to make itself at home. Thank you for sharing your home and all its charm; everything is beautiful!


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