Backdrops for a Country Cottage Junk Garden

July 29, 2013
I don't live in the country.  I live in a residential cul-de-sac in a smallish town.  No country fences, no old barns, no barn wood, no meadow, no great garden backdrops, period!

So to create the country, cottage, rustic, junk garden look I strive to achieve, I have to pull in some props.  Some of my props are well known:  the stepladder in the front border, the potting sink, and the chippy white painted wheelbarrow.  These fun pieces appear over and over in my posts, but what about the workhorses, the backdrops to my vignettes?

Wagon Wheel Garden Backdrop\
My old buggy wheel here with Lady's Mantle, hostas, and other garden junk beside the house.

Fall Outdoor Vignette with Garden Wheel Backdrop
Or here in my fall, rustic, porch vignette.

Wagon Wheel Patio Backdrop
Or here behind the crock, and between the adirondack chairs on my summer patio.  The secret.  I paid $15 for the wheel because it is in rough condition on the bottom.  The spokes are broken or missing.  But who knows when the back area is put towards the bottom?

Futon back repurposed as a garden backdrop
When I sent a futon to college with my middle daughter, it came back bent and unusable.  Or did it?  Here is the back spray painted white behind some hostas.

Futon back repurposed as a garden backdrop
And here it is as a backdrop to a vintage garden vignette in my back yard.

Futon end repurposed as garden decor
The futon ends are being used as a backdrop in another area of the garden.

Tree House Step Ladder
I dragged this old ladder home from a tree house on the property my son bought, and was going to tear down.  Perfect spot for pots (or minnow buckets) of annuals.

Chippy Wheelbarrow and Hay Tine Flower
The white flower shaped thing against my house is an iron hay rake tine.  It was at a house my sister bought in the country.  The tines have been welded together on the ends.  It was free from my sister and spray painted white.  I love it, and have had it forever!

Barn Door Garden Backdrop
I have this old chippy white barn door attached to a tree so it doesn't blow over.  It is a backdrop to a serene, neutral vignette in my back yard.  Well worth $30.

Rusty Gate Garden Backdrop
My newest find.  A really rustic old gate that I just purchased just a couple days ago.  Haven't done much with it yet but I will.

So if you a city or town dweller, find a few good backdrops to anchor your garden junk vignettes, and have fun decorating the outdoors!

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. All of the items you have picked up or bought look terrific in your yard I would have thought that you lived in the country.
    Everything looks great.

  2. I leave my pitiful garden to come to the most splendid one ever...well, you and my Moms are the most splendid I ever see. Just beautiful!

  3. I thought you lived rurally, too! Well, you have lots of green open spaces! I love to look at your country inspired vignettes, and so does my hubs! He noticed the hay rake right off! Farm kid!!!

  4. Love your Country Cottage Junk pretty!!

  5. Oh you have the magic touch for display inside and out.

  6. I love it all! But I particularly love that red wheel (still!!) and the flower tags clipped to cool!

  7. Carlene, I adore using old treasure in the garden.
    What's just to some are decorating treasures to folks like us!
    All of yours look right at home with the flowers and add that special touch of whimsy that I love!
    Hugs, Leena

  8. Oh my gracious goodness I am loving that gate Carlene. You can do so much with it.

  9. It all fits perfectly in your yard Carlene. The barn door is still my favorite. It's giving me ideas for the old wood shutters we've taken off our house. hmmmm....

  10. Carlene, you got the best junk! LOVE IT...Christine from Little Brags

  11. Great ideas - especially like the last photo with the gate!

  12. The gate might be your newest, but I think it might be my favorite.

  13. So many cool ideas my head is reeling.
    I wish I could just walk around in your yard taking in all the cool stuff! Love it all!

  14. I would love to find a garden gate to add to my garden. I have a small garden and I love tucking "interesting" bits into the flowers for eye candy.

    Loved getting ideas from you.

  15. Oh my gosh, I could wander in your yard for HOURS just looking at all the goodness! I am absolutely in love with everything you've done.

  16. Wow! Those stuffs are all lovely. But I especially love the wagon wheel you have. It is perfect as wall décor too.


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