Outdoor This & That 14: Another Potting Bench

June 25, 2013
I just got back from a four day trip to visit my older children and grandkids.  I think some of my flowers doubled in size while I was gone, thanks to my husband who kept them watered during a hot spell here.

When I purchased my new "sink topped" potting bench this spring, I gave away my old Menard's workbench kit/potting bench.  In previous years, I used to display my watering can collection on the old bench.  

The sink bench did not have a tall enough bottom shelf for the watering can collection, so I pulled out yet another Menard's workbench (found in our shed), that had once been used as a TV/Stereo stand for my oldest daughter at her college apartment.  I added a coat of semi-transparent outdoor stain, and it was perfect for watering cans on the deck side of my house.  This is a folding wooden workbench that I think I originally purchased for about $40.

This folding bench is quite a bit narrower than the old one, but it held four watering cans and a couple birdhouses very nicely.  

The bench was placed in a bed of creeping and wooly thyme and sedums.  A rusty milk can and farm tools complete the outdoor vignette.

And, between the sedums and the hostas is an old painted window screen with daisies and dragonflies from a local shop "The Tattered Angel" and three terra cotta pots of coleus.

I took over the watering chores today, but I have a lot of dead heading to do later on this week.  Nice to see the kids but nice to be home too.

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Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love it. I really need to find a potting bench. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Whew! I thought you were going to say your plants withered and died while you were away. Kudos to your hubby for keeping them happy and ALIVE!

    I like the idea of a folding potting bench. It looks cute and you can store it inside during the winter. Cute painted screen, too!

  3. Aww...glad you got to see the grands! Yay for your guy to keep up with the watering. Um...you found that bench in your shed???!!! I want to shop in your shed!! Then..I want to go to that Tattered Angel shop because you have gotten some very cool stuff there!

  4. I'm with Danni! Your shed is full of treasures Carlene! I would bet dollars to donuts that Mr. B would not take as good of care of my flowers as your Mr. did should I leave for a few days!!

  5. Love your watering can collection on the bench in your garden! And the rusty milk can! You always have the greatest vintage accessories in your summertime garden.
    Mary Alice

  6. That's perfect for the watering can collection. Glad to hear the flowers survived your absence.

  7. I need to come shop your shed. That turned out great. laurie

  8. That is a great potting bench!

  9. Carlene, perfect for displaying your watering cans. We are having record heat. Having a hard time keeping things looking good. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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