Junk and Fuschias

June 30, 2013
My love affair with garden junk continues...

My new obsession...garden junk and fuschias.

A perfect combination of rust and beauty.

A galvanized watering can and a roller scrub bucket.

An old metal gas can and nozzle.

An old rusty water pump in front of a sea of green spirea.

Four old sprinklers.

Three types of fuschias.

Seven AM in a junk garden.  Bliss!

Update:  I have been spelling Fuchsias wrong!  

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Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love galvanized and rusty old things too. Yours look great with the fuscias!

    Have a great day.

  2. I love the old sprinklers! I always try to pick them up whenever I see them at sales.

  3. As usual your photos and displays are lively to look at. It is such a treat to visit your space. Beautiful, and FUN!

  4. Your garden is always so interesting to see. Love the Fuschias, so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. Yur Fuschias are beautiful. They always amaze me at their shapes and colors. The work so well with your garden "junk".

  6. Pretty Carlene. I have an old brass sprinkler here. Now you have inspired me.

  7. I've never had fuschias, but you make me want to buy one.

  8. Oo, la la la la la lookin' good Carlene! Sorry, that song just popped into my mind and now I'll be humming it all day. Your fuschias look so lush and healthy! And it's the perfect day to be out in the yard. (coffee break right now and then back outside to enjoy the weather.) Happy gardening!

  9. Carlene, your fushias look so fresh and healthy! Your early mornings in the garden are sure paying off! Love all your garden decorations!

  10. That's rusty treasure not junk! Love the sprinkler collection. I sold mine a few years ago and wish for them back!

  11. Fuschias are beautiful! I particularly like them in hanging baskets. Love the garden junk!

  12. Junk and floral beauty! You have a winning combination there.

  13. Your pictures are always so bright and cheering. I love old watering cans with flowers too - they are gracing my front porch. Always a pleasure to visit from SYC.

  14. Such a cute post and your flowers are beautiful. I too am a lover of rusty garden art...Your fuchsia's are gorgeous!

  15. Junk gardening is the best! Your Fuchsias look gorgeous. I usually plant them, but didn't this year. I love them for my shade planters. I have to tell you that in Spain the Fuchsias are bushes. Seriously, they are huge. I've been meaning to do a post of the flowers I saw, but haven't yet. I love my old sprinklers too. I think I have 4 or 5. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. I adore your garden, mine is full of rusty crusty also!

    Your fuchsia's are fabulous!

    I saw you on HomeTalk and will follow!
    smiles, Cyndi


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