Re-painted Pew and Living Room Reveal

April 22, 2013
The red Christmas pew is now Dover White.  It's a Valspar paint mix of a Sherwin Williams color.  

I am so sick of looking at dirty snow, (melting waaaayyyy too slowly this year) that I am leaving it pristine white for now.  No distressing or antiquing.

The before.

The after.  Placed at one end of the dining table in front of a picture window.

I have a Broyhill round cherry table with cream fabric seats.  A leaf makes the table oval shaped and I have removed the extra chairs for now.

It will work well with the leaf, 4 chairs and the pew for a dinner party of six.

I haven't done a living room reveal for about a year now, so here goes...
This is the top of my china cabinet.  (The cabinet was my Grandma's)

The desk vignettes.

Vintage dog figurines, books, and oil lamps.  

The latest coffee table vignette.  Crochet thread, buttons and doilies in jars.

The Surefit stretch slipcover is still staying in place and looks good.

On the left of the sofa is a burgundy chair and 1/2.  I have burlap curtain panels from Ballard's, and a white shag area rug in front of the sofa.

An antique console is in the corner with family photos.

The antique sewing machine was my other Grandma's.

This is the fireplace side of the room.

We still have the old style television set in the living room.

Portrait plate collection above the tv,

 And back around to the dining table.

I still have some Grandma style going on, with my version of English Country.  The 11 year old carpet is showing no signs of wearing out.  Grrrr!  I'm sick of it.  Can't talk the husband into changing it yet.

Thanks for reading my blog, Carlene

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  1. I love where you put the pew - great idea and the mismatched look is so interesting :-)

  2. Love the church pew with your table and chairs, how fantastic is that. Your living room is wonderful, I love how you use all of your heirlooms, such special treasures. Hugs, Marty

  3. love that church pew, and how you have it styled with your table. really pretty!!

  4. Love the changes to the church pew and how you are using it. So much fun to see your home and I love the new coffee table vignette!
    hugs, Linda

  5. The church pew looks great there. Love that little lady who holds the eyeglasses. Your living room is very cute and I love the English Country look.

  6. Love the pew and I adore everything in your Living Room . Just my style, you know!! Those portrait plates really caught my eye and are drop dead gorgeous!!


  7. Love the pew! and I like the carpet...I know you are tired of it...but it looks great.

  8. The pew is a fun way to add seating! I also adore the wall with all the plates! Beautiful!

  9. Love how your home looks, have some wonderful collections! Love the new look of the pew, too!

  10. Oh that pew brightens up the whole room! Enjoyed the tour, Carlene! I know you said you were tired of the rug, but I kind of like it!
    Have a great week,

  11. What a cool idea! Pews were made of such fabulous hardwoods, too. Great find & love the repurpose!!

  12. The church pew looks great and so does your living room! So much too see and so many vintage it!

  13. Like all the others, I like the pew too! And all the treasures in your home are part of what make it friendly and interesting. Nice!

  14. Thanks for the LR Tour - always fun to see inside other's homes and you've done a terrific job decorating yours! Fantastic repurposing of the church pew as well!


  15. Carlene,
    Your living room is lovely. I love your rug. The mantel looks so good with the pastels.

  16. I LOVE your pew, Carlene! It looks great with your table.
    Mary Alice

  17. What a great idea to bring that church pew in and use it at the table. It looks great, and will really be handy when you have dinner guests. The room is filled with such wonderful vintage treasures. What a great sewing machine! Your wash stand in the corner is a beauty and in such great condition. I'm glad to know about the Surefit cover. I've often thought of trying that, but I was afraid it would stay in place after someone sat on it. Love all of your little dogs. laurie

  18. I love your vintage style! Your vignettes are wonderful. I love "Grandma Style", lol.


  19. Your newly painted church pew is perfect for extra seating at the table, and you can fool little ones into behaving by telling them they're at church!

  20. Your home is always so beautiful to see, thanks again for the tour and for joinig Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  21. hi Carlene ... I love the bench painted white and it will fit in most anywhere you put it. Looks great with the table. Always enjoy seeing your beautiful home and your amazing vintage collections.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. Great job with your church pew!
    I would like to peek inside your china cabinet... I think I can see lots of beauties there...

  23. Love the grandma heirlooms! :)

    So much eye candy in your post to enjoy! :)

  24. Your pew does not stink!! Love the new fresh color and your portrait plates! The pug is too cute!

    Spill some wine on the rug and that may just be your ticket to getting a new one!!!

  25. I love red furniture since they exude personality and uniqueness, but the dover white pew looks really good on your dining room. I love the contrast of light and dark colors. It's amazing how they appear to be mismatched yet they fit perfectly. I love this organized clutter, Carlene! Earnestine Kettering


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